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Full Version: What's your favourite beer?
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For me, it's a tough call.

I really enjoyed Tennent's Velvet the last time I was in the UK. And I just came back from visiting a good friend and we shared a couple of bottles of Innis and Gunn which was wonderful *hic*.

There are others in the list as well, but at the moment I'm somewhat, uh, inebriated and nothing comes to mind.

What's your fav?
Can’t drink beer or ales anymore, my stomach wont take it! Sad However Dove Chocolate makes a chocolate martini that will stop PMS in it tracks!!!! (A hint for you guys out there… just sayin’)

Know what... I'm think I'll have one now!
Landshark, brewed in Jax, FL
One of my favourite subjects... beer! So many to choose from, so little time. I love experimenting and exploring brews. When I want chocolate milk, I go for Guiness, but my favorite, on a consistent basis, and the one I always inevitably choose, is Heineken. Have you ever noticed the bottlecap? Whenever I pop the top of a Heineken, I place the cap in my palm, raise my hand to heaven, and hold the red star proudly high in hand!
Beer is not a wine.... I dont like all those fancy schmancy models. Wheat this, Ale that....When I want a Beer, I go to three countries. Amstel-Pacifico-Miller lite... nuff said.

[Image: Holly_Davidson_beer.gif]
Havexico! Usually I am never at a loss of words, but all i can say is "LOL"!
Havexico certainly has caught my attention with his delightful beer commercial. For me however.. More often than none.. I end up "finding my way" home with a dozen SMITHWICKS as of late. If you haven't tried it I strongly suggest you try it. Its brewed by Guinness. It reminds me of a light version of Guinness.

Heineken, Grolsch and Stella are always good back ups.
Yuengling Lager and salted peanuts, A winning combination!
I will readily admit that I've been accused of being a HUGE "beer snob." In my own defense, I don't think it's "snobbishness" so much as just really enjoying a lot of different kinds of it. I don't have one "favorite," per say - my tastes change depending on the season of the year, my mood, what I'm eating, etc.

I am lucky to live right down the street from a great little brewpub called the Red Brick Station, where they make a bunch of different English-style beers that are all really quite good. They have a menu of 6 of them that are on all the time, and they rotate in and out some seasonal ones that can be spectacular.

I am presently working my way through a case of Sam Adams Noble Pilsner, and it's one of the best Pilsners I've had in a long time. Good stuff.



Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter = Nectar of the gods
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