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Full Version: Favourite Films
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It just isn't the start to the Holiday Season unless we watch them. Oh, and yes Nettie all 3 movies are quoted in multiple ways, places and times.
True story: I watched A Christmas Story for the first time last year. As a prize I got the Red Rider BB gun for Xmas! Varmints beware.
(11-23-2011 12:58 PM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]True story: I watched A Christmas Story for the first time last year. As a prize I got the Red Rider BB gun for Xmas! Varmints beware.

"You'll shoot your eye out kid!" I remember the first time I saw that, and every year since, where the Mom is bundling up his little brother to go to school, and he has so many layers on he can't walk or put his arms down..."my little brother Randy looked like a tick about ready to pop!", then he falls down and can't get back up!...classic! (Fah rah rah rah rah, rah rah rah rah!!!)
One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Ghostbusters/ or as my young son used to call them "goat butters"
American Graffiti

To name a few
I love a nice deli sandwich with a film, maybe two or three, films and sandwiches Tongue
I love Sci-fi and the 2001-2010 films are among my favs. Not really a trek-fan, i'm more into the "realistic" sci-fi although I was a Jedi at the age of 14 and enjoyed the predator with Arnold Swarzenegger, mostly because i didn't know anything about that film before i saw it, trailers should be forbidden. This is old stuff i know and i really need to catch up on a lot of movies, hope to see Tintin soon, love the 3D/CGI animated films of Pixar and others, my favorite is Robots from Blue Sky Studios.

Also love the wierd world of Terry Gilliam, "Time bandits" and "Brazil" are brilliant and although "Munchhausen" was a flop I loved it. Still some catching up on him too and many others. This is like music a big area to explore, there are so many films worth watching so it's hard to mention one favorite, and hard to remember them all at once. Latest movie i saw on a theater was Avatar in 3D and i wasn't impressed at all. Some nice effects but gosh what a cliché and over 2 hours off that.

Well, if you forced me to mention one at this time i would say... hmmmmmm... eeeeeh... Can i get back to you on this... Cool
As a kid I can definitely say that The Empire Strikes Back was my favourite film and I still hold the original Star Wars trilogy in great affection to this day.
As a teen The Lost Boys caught my attention (nothing to do with Kiefer - honest!)
Later on I discovered westerns, but it was Silverado that really stuck out for me along with Blazing Saddles (telegram for Mongo),(Okay yes the Young Guns movies too) rather than the more intense but excellent films of that genre.
In my twenties I loved Stargate (ok I admit it - I am a big nerd) , but the series it spawned was wayyyyyyyy better! Smile
Then along came Russell Crowe in Gladiator. All I could say for days afterwards was a variation of 'wow' or 'wibble' or words to that effect Big Grin
Nothing has had that effect on me since, although some have come close.
Ask me to choose just one as my favourite - can't do it. Favourite film of a decade or genre, that I can do
*Gets ready for geek police to come knocking*
I love the Walking Dead! Finely zombies are being accurately portrayed.
Dude, I'd totally rock in a zombie apocalypse! And really, aren't we in one now? Think about it.

Anyone see "Four Christmases" ?

Funny, funny indeed.

I watched "Dogs Of War" (Christopher Walken) a few days ago on disc. I forgot how intense that movie is.
"Know this - you are dead. Tell me what I need to know and I will make it painless."

"Ronin". Also one of my favs... along with "Heat".
Argh! I missed out the Lord of the Rings trilogy!!Angry
Bad nerd!
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