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Full Version: A question of size: Dear Brutus...
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On the subject of postings - is there a limit to the amount of text you wish us to "draw the line at", so to speak?
Once in a while, I tend to write about things that I have either gotten myself into or have observed others doing. It's generally funny, or ironic... but always true.
Most can be trudged out in a page. Is this kope-a-set-ic wichyou oh watcher?
We went though an early discussion of the size of postings and pretty well determined that it shouldn't really matter in most instances. I suggest that you look for an existing thread that fits the general topic of your post. If that does not exist than start your own thread. Try in general to keep your topics to matters concerned with food and beverage but you are not restricted to that as you can see by the postings of others that are interested in things like biking, scootering, ranting and reading ......... to name a few. Good luck and have fun.
I am told that "size does matter."
(06-10-2011 01:32 PM)VincentUlyssis Wrote: [ -> ]I am told that "size does matter."

That's what SHE saidAngel
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