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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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I just saw the Prog Metal episode. OUT-freakin-standing!!! It all makes sense to me now...when I was in grade school, I listened to whatever crap was on the radio. As I got older (in relative terms), I got into "classic rock" cause that was the only station that didn't play the same 20 songs over and over. Once I hit high school, it was Yes, Genesis, and Floyd. They opened my eyes to deep, meaningful, thought-provoking music But I had a friend who was SO into the hair metal bands...it stuck me as weird. I mean he tried to get me into it, but I just wasn't ready. I liked The Boys a bit, but I only knew the popular stuff at the time...late 80's...even went to the show with the big inflatible bunnies...they were ok, but the hook wasn't set yet. In college, my eyes were opened even more, as it happens in that environment, and I learned to love so much more. In the years since then, even though I might not go out and buy some artists, I respect their music. Now I have the patience to dig into histories and back stories, and man...it's a whole new world! I wish I had gone to more concerts when I was younger, but fingers crossed, I'll hit up as many as I can from now on! You just gotta while you still can!

Along those lines, I am really sad that Yes has come to the state they are in now. Yes isn't Yes without Jon Anderson...and they fact that they carried on without him instead of waiting for him to rest up and recover really bothers me. I don't know, it seems that ever since the Trevor Rabin/90215 era, they've been declining slowly. It's just sad...
I know what you mean, CD. When I worked at Tower Records I heard a lot of music, lots of different kinds because whoever was on the register shift decided what was played. Since we had people who loved disco and jazz and classical and Prog and every other kind of music you can think of (nobody liked country, tho... hmmm...), I heard it all. I liked everything I heard, too. But even though I did hear Genesis and Yes and the Canadian Polka Trio (Duke, Drama and Permanent Waves were all released during my time at Tower) my mind just wasn't ready to fully accept the Prog Gospel.

It took another year (and Ren Man) for me to fully appreciate Prog. He and our room mate (who could drum along to both Phil Collins and Bubba) played me Genesis, Rush, Yes, ELP, Gentle Giant, King Crimson... and I dug it all. My first Prog concert was the Boys in 1981 on the Moving Pictures Tour. We sat 7th row center and I remember being mesmerized by every note. It blew me away that they were playing these intricate, difficult songs LIVE! It still does. Then we saw Genesis (Supper's Ready as the encore!), then Yes (90125, with Jon). But, like you, I wish I'd gone to more - we missed so many once we moved to Washington.

We saw Yes a month before we saw the Boys in the summer of 2010 and I have to agree with you. It's just not the same without Jon. I've had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Jon and he has an energy that is sorely needed by the group. He brings it all together. And as well as Benoit sings... he just isn't Jon.

Oh, I DVR'd that episode - I need to watch it!
Listened to "Pure Cult" today whilst prepping the other spare bedroom for paint. After the ruination of "She Sells Sanctuary" during the Superbowl commercial yesterday, I HAD to listen to the real deal!

This bedroom will be easier than the first (dark blue and dark burgundy foot-wide stripes Confused ). This room has pink and lavender foot-wide stripes with some stenciling above them. First coat of "Kilz" goes on tomorrow. Do I hear Canadian Folk music???? Wink
Oy, painting! I have to repaint the bathroom. Yep, I hear Canadian Polka music! Wink
Lotta painting going on to that darn polka stuff. I dont understand the infatuation with all that.
I have also been watching the Metal Evolution series. The Progressive metal episode was one of my favorites, naturally. I especially liked how the guys couldn't nail down an interview with any of the musicians from TOOL (because they are so elusive)...Tongue Anyhow, I defer to the question at hand (and to the lord high executioner); I am currently listening to Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado (I can never get enough of those boys, either.) Have a good Tuesday, everyone Heart
New for me:

the new Dream Theater CD
the new Sharon Isbin CD (wherein she has other musicians like Steve Vai and Steve Morse sit in with her)
the new CD by Gotye (with the very infectious hit "Somebody that I used to Know")
Heard some old Van-Hagar today at lunch and can't get "Poundcake" outta' my head! I have that video of them doing that song...the way he (EVH) starts it off with the cordless drill sliding up and down the neck is somethin' else!Cool
Nung - DT still using the same lead singer? Portnoy still drumming for them?
Hey Mufasa!
(Because of the weird glitch I never seem to be able to see the most recent posts on this thread so I am only able to read the first line of your post from the email notification I received...forgive me if I misssed a question or something else...)

I have been aware of the band for some time but only recently decided to buy into a CD and chose the newest one. So I don't know all the details but as far as I know the same singer but the BIG stink was with Portnoy leaving the band. It was a bit messy. The band chose to audition a new drummer and post the videos on YouTube. Mike Mangini got the job. Of course he is a monster drummer and does a fine job on the new CD.
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