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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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Nung, just hit the " new reply button" and scroll down to read...
I have the same problem, and it has been agreed that we are all just too cool and the server cant keep up with usSmile
As far as D.T. I really like the older stuff, I miss Portnoy... I thank he is just phenomenal( right behind you know who....)
Really liked Portnoy - especially after I saw him in the middle of an improvised solo... toss Bubbas' old solo from All The World's A Stage
into the mix... at 1/3 again speed!
I've not really listened to Dream Theater but I have noticed, in talking with other Prog fans, that they are a very divisive topic: folks either love them or hate them. I was intrigued by what I did hear of them on the Metal Evolution episode so I might take the plunge. I think we even have some on our server.....

I hadn't realized that Queensryche was considered Prog Metal. They are a bit too hard for me, as are the other bands in the second half of the episode. But I have to admit that the Moby Dick concept album piqued my curiosity.

I loved the footage of Genesis, Yes, King Crimson (little baby Greg!) and the Boys. Much of it was new to me - and I have a lot! I DVRd the Metal episode so I may have to see if I can move that footage to our server. Everything is connected now.
My bro is a big fan of DT. I didn't know who they were about 12 years or so ago and a fellow teacher at work apparently knew the guitar tech and invited me to Jones Beach to see them with Kings X and Satchmo as the warm up (Satch got up with them and they really kicked it).

Afterward we go backstage and I met each of them (I really wanted to meet Satch but he was nowhere to be found. Got to chill with the Kings X singer for a bit. Had no idea who they were or how big they were. Told them how much I enjoyed the complexity of their music and also revealed that it was my first hearing of the band which I think they appreciated from their facial expressions. They could see I was being sincere as a "non fan."

They all autographed my ticket which I gave to my brother who was exceedingly jealous that I went back stage and wasn't a fan, but he got over it. John Petrucci was the nicest of the bunch (the keyboard player and bassist were cool too). JP-really cool, interested, showed some humanity. The guitar tech gave me his strings from the G3 tour which I still have. I still don't own any of their CD's and might only recognize "Pull Me Under." It's a band I'd like to explore further someday but haven't gotten around to it.

I have referred to certain ironies here in the past, some of which have gotten me in trouble with "the law" but here is another.

John lives in the next town and is in the chorus with my cousin's kids. Only a matter of time before we hang at a BBQ.
Listening to a 499 horsepower Hyabusa turbo. Adrenalin junky that I am...
I know this is old but good grief - what an incredible machine and rider.

That dude is one sick puppy!
Community Service Message:
In a highly technical study completed yesterday, I have found that I can paint a first coat of "Kilz" in my spare bedroom within the duration of "Vapor Trails" and "Snakes and Arrows".
Please adjust the duration of Canadian Polka music depending on the size of your room.
That is all.
I just received the Re-issue of Anthony Phillips' Private Parts & Pieces 3 & 4. I am in heaven! I have always loved his solo work...it transports me to another place...a much better place!
If it's Kilz alcohol based primer you saw and felt VT and S&A.

I know because I hit the "other world" in a hallway with poor ventilation back when i was a house painter.Tongue
Oh, and I don't know what made me choose MP for my paperwork today, but I just love the way that album was produced.
(02-08-2012 08:46 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Listening to a 499 horsepower Hyabusa turbo. Adrenalin junky that I am...
I know this is old but good grief - what an incredible machine and rider.


Ive never seen this before.....I know a couple guys who ride like this. Scary stuff especially the closing rate, but unpredictable traffic is why I dont do that. I saw a video like that from Germany on the AutoBahn where a guy took his Ducati and pretty much destroyed him and the bike.
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