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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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180 mph and the 'Busa still has enough horses to shove the front wheel up.
Im not quite that ambitious. I like my recliner on wheels.

I did look at a 'Busa last summer. Thing looks supersonic just sitting in the dealership. Thats just a speed demon there. BEautiful machine though.
(02-09-2012 02:41 PM)Gungawoman Wrote: [ -> ]Community Service Message:
In a highly technical study completed yesterday, I have found that I can paint a first coat of "Kilz" in my spare bedroom within the duration of "Vapor Trails" and "Snakes and Arrows".
Please adjust the duration of Canadian Polka music depending on the size of your room.
That is all.

Ah... thank you for the important information. I shall plan accordingly Wink
Kilz can be like the door to the alternate universe.
Tossed some Foo Fighters on the ol pocket Victrola this morning...
(02-10-2012 05:42 AM)VincentUlyssis Wrote: [ -> ]Kilz can be like the door to the alternate universe.

Or it can be like you're at one of their concerts Cool
(02-08-2012 08:46 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Listening to a 499 horsepower Hyabusa turbo. Adrenalin junky that I am...
I know this is old but good grief - what an incredible machine and rider.


That was Really COOL!Big Grin Lovin all that traffic splitting.

On a different note, I was listening to American Soldier by Queensryche.
Hemispheres, by some Canadian three piece polka group....
Well, a week ago it was non-stop Foster The People. My nearly 2 year old has fallen in love with them and loves to dance to Pumped up kicks. However, This week as I sat at my desk working at scheduling our kids for next year (yeah we gotta go there already! ... sometimes HS sucks) I re-discoved my love for The Killers. Been on pretty constant rotation and our daughter is starting to dig them too. As long as we don't have to do the 24-7 kids "music" I'm happy!

That said, she is not a big Rush fan or Marillion fan and we even named her after one of their songs ... cries when it comes on.
I downloaded Pumped Up Kicks a few weeks ago. I kept seeing them on TV shows doing that song and it got into my brain. Had to get it.

Saw Weird Al on Ferguson last night and I'm considering downloading his new album. I've loved him ever since I fist heard Eat It on the Dr. Demento Show. We raised Katie on Al (along with the Prog) and he was her first concert at age 5. He's such a delight - sat outside the stage door and signed autographs for an hour after the show. We saw him again on the Running With Scissors Tour and got to do the ol' meet & greet because I was messaging back and forth with his drummer, Bermie. We saw him in both Bellingham and Seattle on that tour. I have a great picture of Katie & Al. Big Grin
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