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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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I probably would have told them to go back to listening to Justin Bieber!!!!

My coworkers know better. Its like the tides...they just let it be. I dont know that we have anyone in our office under 45, so its not much of a problem. Its my daughters who run and hide who keep calling me Spaz Master. Remember - sometimes being psycho can be a GOOD thing!
Listening to Achtung Baby. It's snowing. I'm making some "Love Beads" in honor of the day Big Grin
Psychotic? Like that's a bad thing? Wink
(02-15-2012 04:12 AM)Scythe Matters Wrote: [ -> ]Psychotic? Like that's a bad thing? Wink

It depends.....are you a happy psychotic or a mean psychotic Big Grin
The day before yesterday: Jimi Hendrix "Smash Hits"

"Redhouse" is the most intense blues song ever!

Yesterday: Bruce Springsteen "Greatest Hits"

I love all of his 70's classics most but love "Philadelphia"

Don't know why but I've heard only "Big Money" on SiriusXM in the past two weeks about seven times...none of their other stuff.
Speaking of Justin Bieber, his singing toothbrush was the popular white elephant gift during the holiday gift exchanges this year. Sadly, I didn't get one. I just got a stupid bottle of Bailey's and two glasses...pfft...whatever! Smile

Currently, I'm listening to some horrendous muzak crap on a help-desk hold line...been about 15 min now. How do you civilians get anything done?!? Smile

(I Heart Bailey's BTW...)
As it happens, little missy.... YOU are a civy as well, yeah?
Whull, yah, sure...NOW I am! Smile

Captain Beyond was one of my best friends and my favorites.
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