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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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SOLD OUT concert tonight in Detroit. I'll be there. Smile
Have fun Dan!!!
Spirit of Radio came on the radio as we were driving, and Jameson, just turned three, goes "That's Wush!" Mission: Accomplished.
I LOVE THAT LITTLE GUY Fuzzy - you must be awesome proud!
Way to go Fuzzy!
Apart from the constant tinnitus (always wear ear protection boys and girls) Level 42 - Mark King - what a bass player. Would like to see a bass battle with Gedd and Mark.
I've got one of my Ipod mixes going on while I"m seeing what's up at Bubba's. It starts off with:
Ladies and Gentlemen- Saliva/ Bad Girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman/ Something in Your Mouth-Nickleback/ Bad Company-Five Finger Death Punch/ Stoned-Puddle of Mudd/ Porn Star Dancing- Zack Wylde.... and others. it is definitely not child ear friendly.
I got a couple of those mixes. Unfortunately my oldest daughter has been a terrible influence on her old man - Tool, Hurt, Nickelback, Godsmack, Pantera, Sevendust - your typical adolescent music dad bangs his head to. Lucky for me - our youngest will only listen to The Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift, so I dont get too much gruff, until dad turns on the oldies - Bob Seger, Yardbirds, Led Zep, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Boston....some other band from Toronto.....who are those guys again???
Montrose? hehehehe
I'm pretty lucky both my girls have a varied taste in music. There is always lots of Ipod sharing going on and conversations can start with "hey take a listen to this I know you'll like it". Oh, and both totally love that canadian folk trio. Smile
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