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Allan Holdsworth?

Montrose - now there is a blast. Another on I'll drag out on occassion - RATT. My kids think I have lost all my marbles when I get those guys on the ol Victrola!
(01-19-2011 08:36 PM)boomer Wrote: [ -> ]Allan Holdsworth?

Montrose - now there is a blast. Another on I'll drag out on occassion - RATT. My kids think I have lost all my marbles when I get those guys on the ol Victrola!

RATT was a prime example of a Hair Slinger band (one step below Head-Banger...)
Actually, "Lay It Down" was one of my favorites when riding/driving.
I had a long "childhood", (the 80s) and head bangers and hair bands were always on my list of necessary evils. There was talent amidst the rabble - lots of it. Anyone that poo-poos at the thought never really paid attention to the flash in the pan groups. Sometimes that "flash" lasted for several years. I miss those years of trying out new components and equipment - trying to get your rear window to bulge while cruising River Street.

Dawn is going to some casino in Feb to see Styx. She glared at me when I told her that she was going to see a band called Styx... that's all. She won't argue with me about bands, music, drummers or musicians in general. She knows I am the all-powerful Muffy the Magnificent! Arrr!
I used to cart my entire cassette collection on the sub just so we had an ample supply of hair stuff. Tunes for cruising downtown Glasgow, or headin to the Big Apple. We either had the biggest baddest boom boxes you could possibly tote around, or it was our Walkmans tied to our waists hiding just below that "Members Only" jacket. I say that in shame now - because I had three of them and they all went bye bye!

Styx eh? Saw them a few years back. Tommy handed me a Polaroid of them on stage that I have somewhere. You're just lucky she didnt put Ex Lax in your feed bag bud. My wife has that REO fetish, although I saw them on DirectTv the other night, and Kevin looks almost like a cadaver!
I was standing outside when the real Styx walked out of the stage door in Savannah.
There was this arrogant obnoxious ass there that was on security. He was regaling some young girls with his expertise and vast experience at being "security for rock stars." He was a bit miffed when I asked him when he was going to get a grownup girlfriend. Twenty feet away was Gary Glombaski - Savannah task force officer and fellow kempo fighter - I weren't scared.

Dennis walked out and acted like he was going to be mobbed - scooted into the limo and off he went.
James (sorry) stepped out with a Heineken, looked at us, and held up the Heiney and let out a war whoop!
We returned the favor. He walked around a bit slapping hands as the dork guard started pushing people back - Dennis walked right up to him and told him to "cool it - these weren't freaks - just people". Earned a lot of respect for him that night.
Ahhh those were the days. Too bad they have never ironed out their diffs. When I saw them they were pretty good, but not like the old days. Of course I was standing two inches from Tommy's mic, and he kept playing his solos right in front of me.....totally cool.

One band I still listen to - April Wine. Golly those guys could rock the house!
Bloke I was listening to the other day - Mark King of Level 42. Bubba mentioned their drummer, Phil Gould in an interview as a bloke he was listening to a lot in the mid Eighties, and something like he had to nearly break his wrist to keep with Phil`s back beat. I am guessing Bubba and Co were listening/aware of them because Ged was hearing Mark.

Nice piece of work -

It’s nice to see some bass content in the forum. Mark King is an amazing bassist and I use to own an Alembic Stanley Clark with the 'cool' lights on the fret board. After playing bass for 25 years, I've come to realize that one must have the talent to warrant the use of such a fine instrument. I enjoyed the Alembic, but the genre of music I play doesn't fit with 'that' kind of sound.

I'm a Fender guy at heart and use my Geddy Lee signature jazz most often. When I'm rehearsing or just having fun, I'll play along with the two new songs Caravan and BU2B. I know my bass isn't an exact replica, but when I'm playing along it sounds just like Ged's.

Mufasa, my brother and I wore out the needle on our late model phonograph listening to Out of the Cellar. I currently don't have any Ratt, but look forward to reacquainting myself with them. Recently, meandering through a local record store, Live After Death by Iron Maiden caught my attention. I ended up purchasing it and I'm glad I did. Oh, to relive those songs... Piece of Mind was my first concert when I was 13. What were my parents thinking?...LOL

Kudos to all who contributed to the Red Cross fund for the Chilean minors!
Quote:I use to own an Alembic Stanley Clark with the 'cool' lights on the fret board

Must admit it does look a great guitar - Respect!!. He is a top bassist as you say. Different style to Ged, slap versus finger (or whatever you call it), although both are top bass players. I like Jack Bruce a lot too.

I watched this clip quite a lot last night - there is so much ryhthm in the solo - bloke could be a drummer!!

Iron Maiden - my era mate! NWoBHM.Smile
Uh oh......did someone say...Maiden?

When I was in Germany, I met up with some German college students who offered to buy my Maiden tshirt right off me. Some things are sacriledge! We all ended up at a local German Bier Garden, and I dont remember much after my second...minikeg! Barrels with handles. Us dumb American sailors just couldnt handle that REAL German beer.
I really admire that Bruce Dickinson is also a pilot. A very shrewd bloke - Did I read he was also a British fencing champion?? Clever bloke for sure.
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