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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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One of the first songs I learned to play on bass was White Room. As mentioned in a previous post I'm a Yes fan also, but couldn't get into the picking thing like CS. I can slap a bit and have fun with the drummer doing it occasionally, but usually it's just the fingers. I like Tony Levin too and how he plays with those extension on his fingers I'll never know. Read his book Beyond the Bass Clef and I found it worth the read, but I might be biased being one of "them". Saw this guy Greg Howard a couple years ago who's a phenom on the stick bass - very similar to Tony in style.

Boomer, you are the quintessential 'trip'!
White Room - I saw a film of Cream at the Royal Albert Hall playing that track - Bloody amazing!! sincere respect to you for learning to play that track!!

Funny how these bassist people can not not only play amazing stuff, but also sing while they are doing it, ........well and play key boards too, (if you are Ged)!! Serious respect.

Ged - I read, is a lover of Burgundy - Top Bloke!!
Quote:Uh oh......did someone say...Maiden?

Hi Boomer - Maiden made their first single right along side with us - they made fame and fortune, we worked on and on (and er....achieved bugger all else)......If you like Maiden would be interested to hear how you feel we compare, when (and hoping the Foodie Forward stuff arrives with you).
Agree. I sing backups and also lead on a couple tracks, but the arrangements are manageable to play and sing for me. How Geddy plays such intricate fingering on some of their songs and sings at the same time is mind boggling!

How can I listen to your band NWoBHM?

Another favorite bass player of mine is Jeff Berlin. He did a superb job filling in for Tony during the ABWH tour.
Getting my music fix on youtube. My car is in the shop and I'm afraid I'll leave a CD in the rental, so I haven't listened to any good music this week. (like um, Rush) And I'm too lazy to get up and get a CD. lol.
Heard an original version of "Circumstances". It seemed to be much slower than the one they did on the Snakes and Arrows tour.
Quote:How can I listen to your band NWoBHM?

We are on myspace.. https://www.myspace.com/cynicuk or youtube search for Cynic (UK) NWoBHM or you can download at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Tesco Entertainment etc........or thanks to Internet Piracy if you just search Cynic (UK) Suburban Crisis or Suicide you will find free downloads, (actually some of these charge which makes it more painful)......

Suicide was released in 1983 and is recognised as genre defining of the NWoBHM......many say it might have been the influence to Metallica and Master of Puppets.........The B Side was re-released this year "No Time at All" as part of "The Roots of Matallica" CD and magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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*applauds Dans choice
One of my favs, Dan! Big Grin
I been called a lot of things, never the quintessential 'trip'.

Dan hits it spot on.......
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