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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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All too I am afraid. Staley I just didnt get - Cobain just blew his head off, but Staley....all I do whenever I hear those songs is shake my head. Total total waste.

I just wonder if anyone at all could have saved him from those demons.
Personal note: Watched a friend fall into that pit. Watched him fall deeper into depression while doing the time - watched him resort to "rock" after being released and losing his wife, job, house, car... everything. Never fully recovered, despite everything his family, friends and myself tried. Must be some awesome sh!t.... terribly awesome.
My brother is doing some of the same thing. Calls me up last Friday night after downing an entire 1.75 of Jose Cuervo in 5 hours. Has connections to all sorts of stuff, and its getting worse. He had a fiance who broke up with him, lost two houses, his job three times, nearly killed in a car accident, and he just gets more and more destructive. Tried commiting suicide in August. Between the booze and all that "junk" he pushes into his body, it just sickens me to no end.

Thankfully - I never fell to those temptations. I have a hard enough time waking up in the AM - dont need that too.
recent playlist:

Eric Clapton / "Change the World"

Billy Joel / "Rosalinda's Eyes"

House of Lords / "Can't Find My Way Home"

Matchbox20 / "Back To Good"
What am I doing?

I came home from work today, and watched..."Saturday Night Fever" with my oldest daughter. I must be insane.....although I did enjoy her look when I started doing my Disco Duck dance in the living room. Silk shirts and platform shoes.....OOOFFFF DAHHHH!!!!
CYNIC , suburban crisis Smile
(01-25-2011 07:18 PM)2Beers Wrote: [ -> ]CYNIC , suburban crisis Smile

Ohhhh, SNAP! You suck up!!
I'm listening to the President. No comments on his programs or ideas, just listening.
Quote:Ohhhh, SNAP! You suck up!!

Hi Mufasa, 2Beers - what did you think?

Boomer Did your disc arrive OK? Seems some very variable postal between UK and US - although I suppose the US is a very big place for stuff to get across.
No disk yet - no worries though. I have spies at home who have been notified to search for such things. The second it arrives I'll be in touch!
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