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Afternoon break....got a little "Bella" on the Ipod from Santana.
(01-31-2011 02:31 PM)boomer Wrote: [ -> ]Afternoon break....got a little "Bella" on the Ipod from Santana.

I really liked Graham Lear years before I heard of Bubba - and in many respects the solo (snare stuff) on Moonflower live album is similar to Exit Stage Left - both (at the time Tama boys) and as far as I know both Canadians!!
"last song People"

Listen Here.
(02-01-2011 11:26 AM)Detroit Dan Wrote: [ -> ]"last song People"

Listen Here.

Dan, I remember being at Six Flags during a tornado warning, in the arcade building(it was a long time ago), and someone put that on the jukebox(remember those?).
Threw some Bruce Springsteen on the Ipod this morning.
Angus Young......
Angus Angus Angus! He is one of my fav's for sure! I'm Still trying to teach myself how to play the guitar and often refer to AC/DC songs. I can wing some songs but that guy can play some serious blues lick that my brain just can't get around. Malcolm's parts are alot more busy than Angus's in my opinion.
So all that to say, I've been listening to AC/DC today.
The whole band holds together really well - tonnes of power!

Had to go into a Global Express (very large private aircraft) in our main hanger today.
The techs were testing the audio/video system. (giggle)

"I'm your Captain" was the song playing. As I stepped in - the snare roll greeted my ears... and I simply couldn't help myself...

"Am I in my caaaaaaaabin dreaming - or are you reeeeeeaaaly scheming - to take my ship a-waaaay from meeeeeeeee...
You'd better thiiiiink about it - I just can't liiiiiive without it.
So please don't take my ship from meeeeeeeee.... eeeeeee.... yeah yeah yeeeeeeaaaaaaah."

The two techs had stopped working upon my first note to see who this idiot was that had invaded their bird.
One of the younger of the group uttered a very explicit statement of astonishment while laughing... and everyone else just laughed.
Hey - I felt it. Wink
Makin' the most of this precious, eternal moment. Beautiful...
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