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(02-19-2011 09:54 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Never seen anyone have as much fun on stage as Phil and The Hot Tub Club.
Saw him in Atlanta at Lakewood Amphitheater. I have never seen anyone do what they did - EVERYONE in that show had a ball, and they loved performing with Phil.
He is one of the most personable performers I have ever seen, and the show was one of the most memorable.

Hi Fasa, yes he great, I also like his acting in Buster and with Miami Vice way back. I read that sadly he cannot play the drums anymore, something to do with carpal syndrome - unless the sticks are stuck to his hands with tape - that is awful - one thing to slow down your playing and enjoy a few hours on the drums a week, but to stop dead - not good.

Still I would hazard a guess he is probably the wealthiest drummer to have ever existed.
"This is a new one called Highway Star"
Can you imagine hearing those words?

[Image: 513049HMDGL.jpg]

Product Description
Deep Purple in 1972 were reaching the height of their success, with hit singles and albums worldwide. Into this heady atmosphere they delivered one of the most famous rock albums of all time, 'Machine Head'.
1972 saw them premier the new album at concerts in Europe, Japan and America (with no fewer than six tours there that year), delivering the powerful new 'Machine Head' set. It was a concert in the Danish capital of Copenhagen that the first (and only) full film of the famous Mk 2 line-up presented here was made, and is now available on DVD for the first time.

Recorded March 1, 1972, it was originally filmed by Danmark Radio, Denmark's national radio and television station. The actual black and white footage was never screened in full and ended up lying dormant in the company's vaults.

The tour continued through to 1973 when Deep Purple returned to America, selling out more shows and shifting more albums than they had ever done. A camera crew turned up to film the group in New York in May for the 'In Concert' show, and this is also released here for the first time in glorious color (on any format), including the only performance of the line-up doing 'Smoke on The Water’. LINEUP:
Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar
Ian Gillan: Vocals
Roger Glover: Bass
Jon Lord: Keyboards
Ian Paice: Drums

*David Coverdale: Vocals on Bonus Track

Copenhagen, March 1972 (black and white) (90 minutes)
1. Highway Star
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Child In Time
4. The Mule
5. Lazy
6. Space Truckin'
7. Fireball
8. Lucille
9. Black Night
New York, May 1973 (color) (27 minutes)
1. Strange Kind Of Woman
2. Smoke On The Water
3. Space Truckin'

Bonus Features:
Archive Collection Preview
1. Burn (bonus live track from Live At California Jam, 1974)
DVD Credits / Links
DVD History

Its Ian Paice........Ian Paice alright........
"When I was with Deep Purple - we drank too much, did too many drugs, chased wild women, and got into all sorts of trouble.
Now that I'm with White Snake.... nothins' changed."

Coverdale - 1977
"This is one off the new album that we have coming up"
I wanted to get the quote right.

Here it is from the DVD above.
Boy am I EVER in the wrong bidness.

I just never have that kind of luck.
I think someone really loves DetroitSmile
(02-23-2011 11:08 PM)Neilbubbachuck Wrote: [ -> ]I think someone really loves DetroitSmile

Yes I do. Born and raised here. We were turning this city around before the last auto company crash. Now it's more of a grass roots effort.

This is from The American Music Awards. Watch the video screens. Even if you don't like Kid Rock you have to give it up for him on this one.
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