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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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Vinnie Colaiuta.........He makes it look so easy. Forgotten (well actually been in denial) about how good this bloke is..

Vinnie Colaiuta
How many times have I seen him in Modern Drummer?
He is good though. Looks the spit of my wifes best mates husband........
Joe Bonamassa.....finally making it back to Detroit..can't wait!
Springsteen - "Tunnel of Love"

"Fat man sittin' on a little stool
Takes the money from my hands
While his eyes take a walk all over you.
Hands me two tickets, smiles and whispers, "Good luck'
Well - cuddle up angel, cuddle up my little dove
And we'll ride down baby - into that tunnel of love..."
Going to see Jeff Martin (Formerly of The Tea Party band) for my third time next week. Jeff is an awesome Canadian musician who now resides in Australia. I've been listening to his brand new album titled 'The Ground Cries Out' and I enjoy the multicultural, blues and rock flavours and sounds the album has in it. You can check out the song and video 'The Ground Cries out' at his official link:


I've also been enjoying a great deal of new wave music from the 80's. I saw Chalk Circle and Blue Peter not too long ago and they were both stellar! Blue Peter played at my high school in the 80's and they were just as awesome as I remembered!
New Joe Bonamassa comes out on Tuesday. Can't wait til he comes to town in October!


Any Bob Seger fans in here? The tour opener is in 7 days. (Toledo)
I can't wait... Also I'll get a chance to check out the arena. Another real cool band will be there too. Smile

[Image: 51W1YNRWJ1L._SS500_.jpg]
Here - good Lord.... Seger is the spitting image of my brother!!!
Bob Seger is amongst my favorite artists. My kids - maybe not so much. Dad has a tendency to crank er up in the truck when Seger is on the ol' Victrola.

I got chewed out by my boss several years back for sitting in my truck with it cranked all the way up to "Old Time Rock N Roll". Musta torked off the neighbors.
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