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Looking thru all of the XM/Sirius stations for 40's on the 4's, and ending up on XM2 044 instead, they were playing this song:


and it made me laugh so loud, and realize what a crazy time 1979 was, I just had to post it!

Then I thought, perhaps I will change my avatar again to the infamous Sabian Stapler, and pretend that the avatar was singing this song!

But I'm really normal in person...
Which reminds me... 1979 Hmmm


Hmmmm... I wonder who billy corgan has been hanging out with lately.
That's The Sound... of Gold!

and now i'm listening to jeff woods and Keepin' the Rawk.

...always reminded that you can't hoot with the owls at night if you want to soar with the eagles in the morning, or something that a Coffee Achiever would think, or, off to the Carl's Jr. Batcave.
Tribute to Farrah Fawcett's Recipe For Ratt-i-tatt-i-tattouee-tui!

Little bit of George Thorogood, and a little bit of Big Country, and some Simple Minds.....
Journeys Into Native America. I bought this cd at MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in Phoenix. I simply must tell everyone to come visit this most awesome museum devoted to the celebration of our world's music. I had no idea I would be in there for 4.5 hours and still need more time. LOVE IT!
Dire Straits - "Brothers In Arms". Still one of the best ever...
(07-07-2010 05:24 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Dire Straits - "Brothers In Arms". Still one of the best ever...
Weird synchronicity here. I picked out BiA to accompany me on my drive into work this morning, as I hadn't listened to it in so very long.

You're right, that's one solid piece of musical artistry.
Want another one? The first time I ever saw the Pacific Ocean, the year I rode a nice chunk of Hwy 1 (and also saw where James Dean met his fate),was thanks to my ex-brother-in-law in Bakersfield, CA.
He invited me out to "see Hollywood", bla bla bla... what he didn't tell me was that he had restored two CB750 Hondas: A 76' 750 "baloney pipe" ... and mine; a 71' CB 750 "4 piper".
This was my introduction to the west coast. God, I liked that guy...
Digging out my old Pro-Pain! I like them very much, but I'm partial to Tom Klimchuck's Crunchy riffs. Tom and I were schoolmates and we used to jam in my grandparents basement from time to time. He blew up my dads garbage can with an M-80.
I do admire the pure rawness of old ProPain.

special friends
as you were.son. you can dangle the dang metal of honor we want the world and we want it NOLA
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