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What I was listening to, I came across this, I really like this song, guys she will want to dance with you to this, at least here she did...

Sounds like the soundtrack to your re-enactment weekends Rey!

This set to your photo`s would work well!!
(06-12-2011 12:09 PM)NWoBHM Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like the soundtrack to your re-enactment weekends Rey!

This set to your photo`s would work well!!

Well, you would be right about that. This is a more modern recording, from the 80's I think, and I really like the recording quality and the singers performance. It sounds really good through my critical listening speakers (it sounds much better on some real speakers, not the typical little computer ones).

But the origin of this song is from the time of occupied France, and she is singing a song about her love who has gone away to fight. It was originally recorded in 1941 and sung by Leo Marjane (Leo being a girls name here) and was very popular during the war. It turned out she was a little too friendly with the enemy during the occupation, and when the war was over her career was over too.

I also like the lyrics to the song, or what I can figure them to be, the refrain roughly translates to:

In the fireplace, the wind cries
Roses shed their leaves without noise,
The clock, marking the quarter hours,
As hail cradles boredom.

Everything remains as thou lovest,
In this corner despised by thee,
But even if your scent floats,
Your last faded bouquet.

All I know is when I played this song at a good volume, my "lovest" came in the room dancing, pulled me up out of my chair, and wanted me to dance with her. Tongue Hey, thats pretty good in my book, French love songs can have that effect, so I'm saving this one.

It also reminds me of that scene in Saving Private Ryan, when they are in that bombed out town, listening to a song on the record player over and over.

(I know this is a far cry from rock music, sorry folks)

Never apologize for something that moves you Rey - remember it, because it is important.


I miss this time.
Anyone else remember Gentle Giant?

Check out the drum solo in So Sincere.

Mufasa, was that Sheila E on your clip? I remember hearing her at some night club doing Love Sexy - thinking this is great, this awesome, this is a women? She ROCKS!

OHR - Liked this track, reminded me of Billy Cobham in his Red Baron days........nice stuff....The organ sound specifically.......
Til' Tuesday / best of

Her lyrics ... (sigh) and that voice. For some reason her words always make me reminisce about every girl/woman I have ever cared for.
"Coming Up Close" makes my throat tighten up with the first few bars. Beautifully written and performed.
Oh... another of my favorites on 'Le Tube. Talk about three women that could elicit a "Yes, dear, whatever you say", from me?

After a few months worth of significant distraction via Shaka Labbits, I've gotten back to Judy And Mary ("the Beatles of Japan," to my mind,) and it's a whole lot like catnip...


I could listen to this tune for Onda-san's bass line alone, but Yuki's outrageous sense of melody is always mind-bending, particularly in an era in which melody is generally considered expendable.

It kills me that I stumbled onto this band a full seven years after they'd broken up for good... ~ arrrrgggghh ~ Dodgy

Kid Rock. The angry years. Angry
Oh and I'm in a BAD MOOD!
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