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(06-25-2011 06:29 AM)Detroit Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Kid Rock. The angry years. Angry
Oh and I'm in a BAD MOOD!

What's up DD? What has gotten you in a bad mood this morning, my friend?
The sound of my neighbors mowing their lawns with the under current of Theory of a Deadman playing thru my speakers.
At this moment Roger Hodgson's "Had A Dream(Sleeping With The Enemy).Smile
Currently some Pink Floyd....little song called "Marooned"...right now thats how Mrs B and I are feeling. Just had about the awful week work wise, and we're just a little ...... perturbed. Thats about the nicest way I can put it. Just spent an hour riding Melissa thru the countryside on a cloudy but rather cool morning. Didnt really solve anything, but it felt good to be out riding instead of tolerating little half pint tyrants at work.
Quote:instead of tolerating little half pint tyrants at work.

Mate - he is being a knobber, because he lacks the confidence and talent to just let you get on and do what you do best........So he is over compensating.....it is actually quite sad.

Tell him your Uncle NWo from England said so.........and if he doesn`t like it I will send "Fingers" over there to settle the score...........
Thanks man....I could rant all day long about this little Napoleon....partly because thats how tall the little twerp is. Mrs B has the same problem....she is getting ready to finally go back to work and be productive, and they found a way to rob her of all her hard work. Its been a pickle thats fer sure. I think we are reaching our breaking point.....and eventually you start making bad decisions because of the actions of one idiot.

I wonder....do you have a picture of "Mr Fingers"? I can easily be talked into messing with his mind!
"Fingers" - is like Bubba`s Michael. He takes care of our concerns over here, and so long as there is no harm on the Manor, all will be good. If he feels some Slags have been havin` a laugh at our expense, then Oh Dear, it wont be pretty........

Five years served in the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, and 10 years in 22 Squadron SAS, he is employed as our security consultant.........

KIDDING - We invented "Fingers" as our head of security, but it is a nice thought.

Were I to be in the need for a Security Consultant, then this would be the profile, (although I would probably ask my mate who was Royal Navy and then 5 years SAS if he would help).

Anyway mate - Find a way of managing this Knobber, they make hard working and clever people like you weary - Happened to me once back in 2001 (Blimey 10 years ago), and I spent a lot of time on prozac climbing out of that black pit (breakdown) - it was bloody awful for me and the family........
We're getting beyond prozac and meandering into THORAZEINE and Scotch Whisky! The worst part is we see absolutely no end in sight unless we either A. Declare bankruptcy and move to another hemisphere, or B. Fit this guy up for a pair of concrete shoes! Its that bad, and its almost like every night for the last 2 years Mrs B and I come home and all we can do is whine at each other about the little misfits we have to work with. Unfortunately the economy is such that land is just not selling and no one is really doing any sort of land development. With Mrs's B's health I can't just pick up the tent stakes because she needs certain meds to exist. We're getting trapped in a situation that we just dont know how to break free of no mattter what we do.

But - we're alive, up and about able to take on nourishment. Just getting so very disgruntled.
Foo Fighters..now a little PT.
Lessee....Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man" on the ol pocket victrola.
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