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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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(07-11-2011 10:30 PM)Bageleth Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-11-2011 06:17 PM)nettiesaur Wrote: [ -> ]I found a copy of Moving Pictures in the Cd bargain bin. Now I have one for the car and one for the house(that one belongs to the roomie actually).
I'm wearing out the Vital Signs track on the CD in the car.

Actually a set of duplicate CDs for the car and house sounds like a good idea. A spendy one, but good! Smile

Actually, I have most of my Rush Cds in the car. My sister has her collection in the house. So I can play her Cds at home if I want, but I generally play them when I'm driving because Milwaukee radio is cruddy, for the most part.

and the MP cd was only 5 bucks...so I just had to get it.
Oddly enough I drove through Much Marcle today, (you know the place Bubba mentioned in his NSW in UK), where in 2007 I was caught in the torrential floods which hit the UK and drowned my car there - in fact it blew the engine apart, (as some wise bloke said - water gets sucked into the air intake and into the engine, and water cannot be compressed) Thanks for that, nice to know. Anyway the CD in the player which got wrecked was Hold Your Fire......We also had with us the Pro Tools Hard Drive with our album on it - fortunately, there were three hard drives.

I was wondering actually Brutus if you are reading this - if you came from Wales on the A40 through Monmouth past Rockfield Recording Studio and on towards Hereford or Ledbury Malvern to go through Much Marcle - if you had hangered left to Little Marcle to Bromyard and then onto Worcester you would have gone right past our house.

PS a few miles past Rockfield Studio today and I was smoked by a Porsche Cayenne, registration was OZZY........It can`t have been could it?????
(07-12-2011 08:56 AM)NWoBHM Wrote: [ -> ]PS a few miles past Rockfield Studio today and I was smoked by a Porsche Cayenne, registration was OZZY........It can`t have been could it?????

Judging by what I saw on the Ozzy reality show a few years back, I don't think I'd want Ozzy behind the wheel of a lawn tractor!! Smile
Going off the rails on a crazy Cayenne...........
Well yeah, we started that kind of thing in the 70's out of necessity...we would race home with the new vinyl, put it on the turntable, clean it, fire up the cassette recorder, and then we would mostly play the cassette when listening to the record. This way, we saved the vinyl for occassional play and recording.

Now it makes sense to do similar things with CDs...not so much because we would wear out the thing (like vinyl) but more for convenience (as others have said, above).
Music to my ears - the shrieks of delight as the kids play in the pool. It's hit the 90s here in NH. Finally summer. Oh - and that refreshing splash of ice-cold beer being poured into a pilsner glass.
(07-12-2011 09:47 AM)NWoBHM Wrote: [ -> ]Going off the rails on a crazy Cayenne...........

Farkin' HIGHlarious!

I saw a lil' ol' lady driving a Cayenne yesterday...head not much higher than the steering wheel, seat all the way forward I imagine she'd knock herself out making a turn with how close her face was to her knuckles...whaaa?!

The teenager had Regina Spektor on heavy rotation in the car while running errands today. A quirky Russian-born piano maven from NY, her music is annoyingly infectious... I not-so grudgingly sing along....

Heeeeyyy BrianW, it's currently 109 w/the heat index, I'll take a frosty libation if you're sharin'... Wink
The Sundays / "Wild Horses"
Before MTV, there was "Night Tracks"... and they actually played videos.
Gawd, I miss the 80s music videos.

"Feels so good - we're cryin'"
When I was in the navy just before we would head out to sea there were about 4 or 5 guys who would record MTV 6 hours at a time. We must have had about...oh 30 or so VHS tapes of nothing but music videos. I still have the WUF WUFs for Pat Benetar and that lace up one piece outfit she wore in "Promises in the Dark". What ever happened to the good old days of real MTV!!!!
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