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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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(07-12-2011 07:59 PM)boomer Wrote: [ -> ]When I was in the navy just before we would head out to sea there were about 4 or 5 guys who would record MTV 6 hours at a time. We must have had about...oh 30 or so VHS tapes of nothing but music videos. I still have the WUF WUFs for Pat Benetar and that lace up one piece outfit she wore in "Promises in the Dark". What ever happened to the good old days of real MTV!!!!

They went bye-bye for crap tv. I miss watching those videos, too.
I remember my dad fought and fought getting cable tv, but finally broke when mom told him about some new sports channel on called ESPN, anyway, while the folks were at work, my brother and I would just sit for hours drooling over Nina Blackwood. Then he figured out a way to jury rig the cable box so we could get the Playboy channel. I left for the navy, and dad got a bill for $138 for watching the Playboy channel all month - boy was he EVER mad!
Check out Natalie Grant "Your Great Name." Very cool song.
Michael Burston aka Wurzel - Motorhead RIP.

Apparently he died with a Guinness in his hand.......good bloke.
"Til Tuesday" - Best Of.
Kinda grey and cloudy here today so it suits the ambiance (perhaps it won't be 102 again today)
"Manifesto" by The City Harmonic. Powerful.
"Standing on the Side of Love" - Greg Greenway
Burma, I am handing your a frosted glass right now. And Boomer, I can't agree more re: Olde time MTV where the videos told stories that complemented the songs. I don't need an underwear commercial. Just another reason why I've chucked my television. Remember the intro to Second City TV? All those TV sets raining down from the apartments? Ahhh.
Listening to Neil's Rio live solo - just to stay on topic.
Someone named Keiko Matsui - "The Ring" is the name of the CD. I agreed to critique it for a friend.
Verdict is still out... Some of it borders on elevator Prozac. Dublin seems to like it; he has all four paws in the air, and snoring.

Perhaps Bombay and a handful of genetically - enhanced olives will help.
More later...
(07-14-2011 03:38 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Perhaps Bombay and a handful of genetically - enhanced olives will help.
More later...

As I'm fond of saying, when asked how dry do I want my Bombay Martini, "Just wave the vermouth cap over the glass."

Good man, Muff.
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