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Never really been a martini guy. Whisky mostly.

Keiko Matsui - not bad stuff. Right now I have Michelle Ippolito on. Something I got from the local jazz station here in town. If you want to meditate - its ok, or just sit for a few minutes and contemplate why the forces of nature turned the water blue in your toilet last night.
...or if trees dream.

Bill the Cat
Trees DO dream....don't you remember?

There is unrest in the forest,
There is trouble with the trees,
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas.
* concert flashback *
(07-14-2011 08:41 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]* concert flashback *

Big Grin Ohhhh.... the memories Cool
You know - it never ceases to amaze me, not only the number of songs that the fellas have produced over the years - and how they moved each of us in our own ways...
but the number of MOMENTS in SO MANY SONGS that just cause your skin to tingle and the hair on your neck and arms stand up. This one? After Bubba taps out the little ditty on the blocks, sits back down then ZINGS the bell tree once...

Lerxst clicks a pedal... switches gears. A synth growls out a single, deep, harmonious note... then another:

CRASH * EXPLOSION OF LIGHTS / (crowd goes ape-sh*t)
CRASH * EXPLOSION OF LIGHTS / (crowd goes ape-sh*t)
*ting-ting-ting-ting-ting* CRASH * EXPLOSION OF LIGHTS / (crowd goes ape-sh*t)
CRASH * EXPLOSION OF LIGHTS / (crowd is still ape-sh*t)
CRASH * (ditto)
CRASH * (ditto)
CRASH * (ditto)
CRASH * (ditto)
CRASH * (ditto)
CRASH * (ditto)
one more for good luck as they slide into a Lerxst solo.
I think one of those crashes is where I threw my shoulder out of the socket.
(sorry - them flashbacks is powerful things)
I was in a foul, FOUL mood the other night, stressing 'bout an upcoming trip and all the crap that had to get DONE. Including, the dirty "D" word...DISHES.

It's 11:30pm and I have no choice. Now or never. I inform the hubby I'm "pluggin' in" [code for cramming in earbuds and crankin' up the iPod] and put Vapor Trails on shuffle. Commence loading dishwasher.

Now, I've read/heard many comments about the supposed production flaws of said album, but HEY I'm really a newbie to the more recent music, so I'm clueless. All I know is that the crunchy raw sound immediately changed my mood and made dirty dishes...danceable. Don't think that was the intent the boys were going for, but....

"It's got a good beat and I can dance to it....I'll give it a 92, Dick..."
I've found myself listening to just "The Camera Eye" right before I go to sleep at night. Earbuds in, as loud as tolerable. Just transports me to another place and gets me ready to dream the night away. Truly magical...

Here lately though, any Rush song I hear on the radio (eX eM Bone-yard been playing a lot of them lately), I instantly de-stress a few degrees.

Also diggin UFO, Floyd, Zep...old Yes and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis as well...gotta love that stuff!
If you look at my pocket Victrola. aka iPodinski, I have road songs, I have peaceful songs, I have blues, and Rush. Number of songs on that playlist - 186. The next highest track count in any of my other playlists is 92 - my roadie songs. I plug in a lot, but the boys are it hands down set em up rack um dack um bippity boppity boo! Of course, Floyd and Zep can do the same thing, especially Dave Gilmour......OOFDAH! But usually I can get so caught up in Bubba's beating the congos so much that I pretty much lose all track of time.

Next thing I know its time to head home!
(Ok flashback to last week Thurs.)Yep you know it's going to be an ok day when you go into work and hear a 2for from the Boys. Here I thought "wow the radio station is playing 2 in a row and it's Time Stand Still and Big Money not the ususal" Nope it was our handy man and he was fixing some little things in the bank had his IPOD plugged into the surround system and knew I'd be in by 8 so he made sure those 2 songs would be playing when I came in. What a nice guy!
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