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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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Well, thanks to Mufster inserting the Midnight Oil earwig, I've been revisiting "Diesel and Dust" as I do chores this a.m. Somehow Peter Garrett wailing in my brain makes folding the laundry so much more....revolutionary.

Happy Friday y'all!!
Once again, I'm listening to the quiet (other than the clicking of keys on the keyboard here). The family is still sleeping.
Enjoy it now little family! The school days............they are a comin'!
Had Grace Under Pressure playing in the cage today...last song I heard before going to another meeting was Kid Gloves with it's unique time signature. In the meeting room, the ceiling fans were turning at that same tempo and I couldn't get that song out of my head.

But that was ok...I didn't mind at all! Smile
The man at the back, all the way from Dublin Eire Ireland, the one and only Mr Brian Downey - I am soo happy (and rocked up) to see Brian back on the road with Lizzy - 60 years old, and he still makes your hands clap, your fingers snap and your feet tap all the time -

Brian Downey on Drums
Loving Kings of Leon right now!
Here is some smooth jazz...


Sorry but hubby found some real good ones...we couldn't stop laughing.
OMG, that's AWESOME! I clicked on some of the other ones too...Broadway Motorhead, Metal Lady Gaga...funny, funny stuff! Great find!
Hmmm...interesting take on that song.
Queens of the Stone Age
A kickin' version of "Love Potion Number 9" by James Durbin, the Top 4 American Idol contestant who has Tourettes and Aspergers Syndrome:

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