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And I have to compliment the sound quality in general. The miking was good, and the mixing, the tuning of the drums, it all sounded great. I have some nice, big speakers hooked up to my computer (the old fashioned kind that actually have bass, not those little cubes), and I do a lot of critical listening there, and when something has good sound quality it really comes through and makes it that more enjoyable.
(08-24-2011 06:08 AM)Detroit Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry if this was already posted.

Good stuff!


Noice! Somehow though, he looks so....naked behind that small kit, compared to NEP Tongue

Can't wait to see Stewart Copeland on tonight's episode!
Boomer, Buddy handed out picks and signed a few autographs too. Some guy even brought his guitar down to the stage, but he passed on it. Being front row balcony, he couldn't reach me despite my pleas! A great show - the things he can do with that guitar. Really works the crowd too.
Yeah the one thing I noticed about Buddy is when he plays- he doesn't just get it or get into it, he literally makes love with his music and has this passion that you do not see often enough. It was the same with folks like Stevie Ray Vaughn too, where he played with such fire and passion.

Kinda like what I tell folks about why I ride a Harley - if I have to explain it you wouldn't understand.
DD, I agree with the camera angles. The crew must've worked hard in rehearsal to plot his moves out and be ahead of the curve. I get frustrated at times when the camera eye is looking the wrong way when something interesting is happening. You can't be everywhere though, right? As for listening tonight, it's the sound of acorns dropping on the shed in the back yard. Gonna be a bumper year, I can tell already.
"What hump"
"Abby - something or other..."
Some soothing piano music by Michael Nyman.
(08-24-2011 09:02 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]"What hump"
"Abby - something or other..."

"Could be worse...could be raining."
"He's going to be very popular."
"Put... the candle... back!"
It was either that or "Somebody's gonna have to go back to town and get a sh*tload of dimes."
I've been listening to Tori Amos lately...it helps, sayin?Undecided
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