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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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Been hittin up the old "My Favorite Headache" by Dirk and "Victor" by Lerxst...that's some good stuff there! Talented lads, they are!

(oh and Lerxst is a naughty, dirty boy! I love it! Smile )

Muffy, that's awesome! Great song! The vocalist sounds like a mix of Tom Jones and Eric Clapton...kinda...in a way...if you tweak your ears just so... Smile
Just now I'm listening to a strange little tune called "Who Would You Like To Be" by Jonas Hellborg, the late-great Shawn Lane, and Indian percussionist V. Selvaganesh.

The bass line in this tune makes me want to just burn all my guitars and take up stamp collecting. In early 2001 I sat within ten feet of these people while they were playing this song, and Hellborg sat there plucking out that blinding riff - with a grin on his face, seemingly unaware of what his fingers were even doing.

And I won't even try to describe Slawn, just that his fingers were like two huge spiders, also semi-invisible for some odd reason. [Claim-to-fame moment: That's my foot dangling at the right edge of the frame...]
I'm in kind of a mellow mood today, so I've got some music by Chinmaya Duntster floating thru the house.
Linkin Park - Pretty stressed at work. I need something LOUD and agressive.
Thought I'd jump in with a musician I met down in the French Quarter pre-Katrina, and had the pleasure of listening to several times before and after "the storm". His name is Jeff Chaz, and he's billed as "The Bourbon Street Blues Man" on his website. He was finally able to make it back to N'awlins with the help of some fan donations and he and his band are rumored to be tearin' it up at The Blue Note down are Bourbon. Google hsi name and website for some down-home southern blues, with a hint of jazz! Mmmm-Mmmm Good!
A Farewell to Kings: it was great music to paint to tonight.
Thats what I was listening to last night until we turned on THOR.

I didnt know six pack abs could look so painted.
Good movie though - great visuals in it. Managed to not be hokey...
'Given The Dog A Bone"....AC/DC

Trying to piece together some road tunes.....and was reminded how stoked I get when I got those guys running thru my head.
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