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Yeah, I'm not a fan of selling alcohol at concerts, either. Though sometimes the imbibers can be almost as fun to watch as the band. Still, the bad outweighs the good, usually. I can't for the life of me figure out why someone would pay as much as tickets cost nowadays and then get completely blitzed before the show even starts, hence remembering nothing about the show the next day. WTH? Huh
Been listening to "Nothing Like the Sun" by Sting today. Its an older one but still just sounds so good. Really like the drumming by Manu Katche on that one too, just sounds great playing with Sting.
I've had Robert Plants' Principle of the Moment[i] on the CD player the past couple of days. You guys got me thinking Phil Collins with the Genesis references, and he's drumming on most of this one.
Well, I didn't go...I was driving up in the mountains with mom all day, and after getting into some really hairy situations (large truck+snowed in single track mountain roads=not good) I developed a killer tension headache. By the time we got home it was close to departure time for the show and I just wasn't feeling it. It had cleared up earlier in the day and temps were dropping fast. Sitting outside at a concert in 40-degree weather wasn't really my idea of fun at that mo.

They've been here often, so I'll catch them next time. Undecided
Met and listened to "Mayday Parade" today. Cool band, young following. G and his friend turned me on to it.
(10-01-2011 11:24 AM)oogustus Wrote: [ -> ]Burmagrr... right on. I am automatically endeared to the rare person who's familiar with and likes Animal Logic. They were a short lived (2 album) collaboration from 80's featuring Deborah Holland. Just the other night I ran across such a person at a bar, we were cool until this fool had the audacity to claim that Stewart C. was a better drummer than Bubba P. I've never been in a bar fight before, but I told him "them's fightin' words".

Heh heh NEP and SC in a cage match....who would prevail?!

I appreciate their talents equally....
(10-05-2011 09:19 PM)CanyonDancer Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-05-2011 07:26 PM)Scythe Matters Wrote: [ -> ]A PF tribute band? Sounds fun! Take pics if you can...

We're going to go see The Musical Box next Friday. They are a Genesis tribute band - they're doing the entire Lamb Lies Down on Broadway show. We got front row seats!

No way! That sounds awesome too! I'll look forward to hearing your review! Love the old Gabriel-era Genesis. Phil was good, but Peter was stunning!

Rey, everyone I've talked to who's seen them has given me emphatic orders to go check them out. Even got a "if you close your eyes, you can't tell the difference" once. IDK, Gilmour's guitar sound is very distinctive, as is Waters' voice...so, yes, we'll see! Smile

From everything I've heard from some STRONG Floyd fans, the Aussie band is very good. Hope this turns out to be true for you.

Just got done Listening to "Test for Echo"a quick 20 min run. Its weird how I run best while listening to the Guys...I've tried running to different bands, but I always come back to them...Kooky.Big Grin
Not really SG. Years ago, I learned that they made me drive faster...
(10-10-2011 09:36 AM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]Not really SG. Years ago, I learned that they made me drive faster...

Yeah, +1 on that... Cool
Been listening to Steven Wilson's "Grace for Drowning" the past week. Wow. The guy is just unbelievable. And if you have access to a good surround system, get the blue ray version. It is definitely a sitdown and listen album, and though it does have the great hooks that SW is able to pull out of the most unlikepy places, it is different in many ways from anything i've listened to from him before. really superb.

ps...going to see him in NYC and Philly in November. if anything noteworthy comes up i'll try to remember to post.
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