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Isn't it fascinating what memories a piece of music will invoke? I guess my "depository" has grown really dense in the past couple of years and a lot of that is associated with music from Bubba and the Boys. That's to be expected, as the past couple of years have been very intense and their re-entry into my life falling at such a time. Some time capsules are more crowded than others, I suppose....

SG, You better not only keep the wife apprised of your location when you take this ride. You know we'll want to keep track of ya too. And, yeah, GR knocked some stuff loose in me so I grok completely. It's a powerful book.

Listening... right. Today I listened to the live recording of 2112 from the T4E tour on Different Stages. I'd been hearing everyone say how great it is. I concur Smile
Last night I came across a cool thing on HDNET that's concerts all day long on Sundays! (Ok, really just 4 played repeatedly back to back!) But it was pretty cool to see what had become of some of these guys: Judas Priest, Poison, Megadeth and Whitesnake! 'Course, I had to DVR them all, Billie's not a big fan of any of them, 'cept Whitesnake! 'Ol Tommy Aldridge can still kick the stuffin' outta' those bass drums!
Oh yeah, isn't that the best? We discovered that last spring - it kind of goes in themes, I've noticed. Have you seen Jon Anderson with the Kid's orchestra and choir? Fantastic! Also, the Todd Rundgren and Mike and the Mechanics shows are superlative! Cool
Some great songs from HYF and oddly enough SPACE the first time I listened to Ceiling Unlimited from VT I got the undeniable urge to go white water rafting. High Water reminds me of a ride home after a long day at work. It's nice when you can place yourself elsewhere while listening to them. They have a brilliant approach to artistic realism! Even back then, gosh it's been what? 25 years since!

And now for our next trick!...
One of the Rush fan pages posted a link for "Available Light" on FB today. You don't see that one very often, so I clicked on it. Ok, now I've heard that song before, but today I was talking with a few folks about my plans for after retirement about just hopping on the bike and going, so travel and exploration was forefront on my mind. My ears caught onto the "in the canyons of the city..." line and I really started listening to the lyrics and when the chorus came on and there went the waterworks..."Chase the wind/sun around the world, I want to look at life in the available light..."

Right on...that is SO it...

MAN, I just LOVE it when lyrics just gut punch you with a huge reality check like that. LOVE IT!

Turn up the music and smile indeed... Sleepy *sigh*

(someone hand me some tissues, please?)
Here ya go, CD. I know whatcha mean about a lyric punches you in the gut. I hope we all get to see the world in the available light... Smile
Yesterday was Chick Rawk Day. KT Tunstall, Florence & The Machine, Joan Armatrading, Pretenders.

Right now I'm listening to the voices in my head hollerin', "Get the hell outta the tubes! You have a bathroom remodel that needs planning if you want it done before Thanksgiving!!" ARRRRRGGGHHH!
I was listening to Florence & the Machine yesterday morning (great CD). But today I am listening to Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Skaggs duet CD. They do a great verison of the Rick James classic "Superfreak". Superfreak meets bluegrass!
Linkin' Park-Hybrid Theory, got some really cool bass lines and most of the vocals are understandable!
Its cold, rainy, and windy here in the Midwest today. Has me listening to REM's "I'll Take the Rain". A sampling of some of the lyrics:

"The rain came down
The rain came down on me.

The wind blew strong
The summer song
Fades to memory

I used to think
As birds take wing
They sing through life so why can't we?
You cling to this
You claim the best
If this is what you're offering
I'll take the rain"
A very moody song for a rainy day, I might add. And a very unusual video, not sure what to make of it, but I do like it, because it is so different:


I wonder, what is the meaning of this video? A journey, a struggle, the help or even sacrifice of friends along the way? Or I'm taking it too seriously (ha ha), its just a little cartoon to watch while listening...
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