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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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Hold Your Fire while working out.
Magic power, by Triumph just came on my pandora station, anyone else here a fan of these guys back in the day? I never cared for the comparison between THAT OTHER Canadian band and Triumph, similar but if you payed attention not so much so....
Owww there ya go! Triumph was just awesome back in the day! I never got to see them but man they hit a real chord, especially on that ferry going over to see Glasgow. Boy was she cute too....Tongue
Goin a little Industrial tonight with some various NIN, The Perfect Drug, Dead Souls, Head Like A Hole, Wish, etc...Wink
SG, my NIN claim-to-fame is running into Trent Reznor as I stepped off an elevator in a fancy-schmancy hotel in Cleveland. I was with hubby (then fiancé, celebrating our engagement w/a family dinner at the frou-frou restaurant in said hotel) and my younger bro', a BIG NIN fan. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, my eyes fell upon a rather beefy and ominous-lookin' feller, standing next to a black leather-clad, slim and (shall we say) "fun size" gothy guy. Brother recognized him immediately. As we stepped off the elevator brother blurted out, "Mr. Reznor..." as he held the door open for him & his muscle and they stepped inside. As the doors shut we could hear Reznor say to muscle, "Heh heh, been a long time since someone called me THAT...."
Burma...what else can I say but...COOL.Cool Tonight I'm goin a wee bit Irish with Gary Moore, R.I.P. Listening to tracks off his Run For Cover album, the last thing that Phil Lynott R.I.P. played on. I always liked his no frills approach to playing. I'm thinking about getting back into playing guitar myself, for my own pleasure only. No thoughts about getting into a band. Those thoughts died years ago...unfortunately so did the playing, but I think I might start twiddling around with it again. Even bought new strings and a Korg GA-1 tuner yesterday. Ooooo intriguing(spTongue).
Tonight I`m listening to The Michael Schenker Group`s 2nd album MSG. One of my fav`s by this group. I only wish he got the play in the US that he did in Europe & Japan.
Peter Gabriel's first solo album (no title - the car)
It's Presto and Snakes and Arrows. It's snowing. My cat sleeps peacefully (with all this music cranking). I did a "Christmas for the Troops" drive at church and I'm filling boxes to send to Afghanistan. 18 boxes and counting. It's going to cost a fortune to ship, but that's OK. Turn up the music! Big Grin
Anyone know if Lerxt has ever played together with Joe?
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