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Can someone play that at my wake please?
This is my good buddy, Cory, with another good friend, Suit producing him and helping with massive equipment. I still don't fully understand what Suit does, builds all these modules and stuff. But I guess he makes bank doing it, so more power! And Cory is a really sweet guy and a great drummer!

Sweet Fuzzy - you would need to place a saline drip IV in me... I wouldn't want to get up from that set up.
Snifl Snifl....kinda brings a tear to me eyes!

I wonder if I could trade .....nah! They'd never go for that.
(06-04-2010 06:59 PM)Brutus Wrote: [ -> ]Brought UpTo Believe.....I think?

(11-21-2010 03:54 AM)RN-PRN Wrote: [ -> ]I am looking at getting my 11 year old an electric guitar for Christmas. He has been playing acoustic for almost 4 years. Any suggestions?

Speaking as a true novice only, I started with the Ibanez G10. The guitar was fun to learn on and held up to alot of my abuse. The guitar kept in tune fairly well. Any Amp will do at first. I used a keyboard amp and it worked great.
If he has been progressing at his playing in that four years, maybe he's ready for something alot better. I love the Gibson Les Paul Jr. but it runs alot mo-money.
RN - look here: http://guitar.about.com/od/helpbuyinggui...uitars.htm

There are a LOT of cheap knock offs out there, try to avoid those $59.95 models because you will be sorry later.

Anything with the word "Epiphone" on = safe bet. They're made by Gibson, and modeled after the more expensive SG.
Epiphone G-310 SG goes for around $250 and up, but they come with two Humbucker pickups (this is good).
Here is an example of what the Epi 310 is capable of..not sure of the amp set up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxbJXEokwY0

The Squier Fat Stratocaster looks almost exactly like the legendary Fender 'Strat, but does not have the same quality overall.
*edit: the Fat Strat can be had for under $200.
RN - be sure to turn him loose in a reputable shop to fondle several instruments. What it come down to is what feels good to him, plus the quality of the guitar.
Paging Lerxst for info...... Paging Lerxst for info......
Ok Moof - ya stuck yur neck out so let me in on this.

If I wanted to start playing, just pick up a simple set up and take some lessons to show me where the chords are stuff like that, you're saying I could pick up a starter for around $500? Am I reading that right? I have been wanting to pick up an instrument for so long it makes my earlobes hurt, and all I want to do is play....I dont have to be 'extroardinarily' gifted just play. The stuff I have been pricing....$800 just for the instrument and another $500 for the amp. Talk to me ....cuz I am listening!
Thanks NBC and Mufasa! We are going out wednesday to look and price. I will be getting it for Christmas for him, I just want to make sure I get the right one/fit for him. I am going to go to the store his guitar teacher works/teaches at and probably to Guitar Center.
Kid Rock ~ Born Free CD.

Trying to decide if I should buy tickets, The pre-sale starts tomorrow.
Boom -



Read the reviews - lots of good stuff out there that won't dent your wallet too badly.
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