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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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I just saw it on the list. Supposedly DirecTv activated those channels, but we havent seen them yet so exactly what channel is what I have no idea yet.
If you haven't seen these Boom'...

Gavin and crew tearing the middle out of it - live.

Blackest Eyes, live at the symposium. Follow the groove.... <snort>
Just watched Arriving Somewhere... Last night. I do believe that top one is from that recording isn't it, Mufasa?
One of my favorite songs....
Just turned the 17 year old on to ELP's Trilogy this morning.
Sometimes I'm kinda cool.
Yes you are BW... yes you are.
Oh my.

How can I put THAT on my iPod?
Is Gavin a monster, or what?
Thats flippin AWESOME! I can dig that all day long what an aminal!
Just discovered our boy Lerxst's rendition of Little Drummer Boy on Merry Axemas vol. 1...honestly one of my favorite versions of that song of all time (and not just because of who is playing it!). Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck (love his Amazing Grace), Eric Johnson, and some other amazing guitarists on there as well. May have bumped TSO off as my new #1 Fave Rockin' Christmas CD!!
Deb, do you have a link to that?!? I just read somewhere that "LDB" was his favorite Christmas song (I think it was him at least...could be wrong).

Found one! http://youtu.be/dOHaPe5u_HU
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