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Full Version: What are you listening to?
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Scythe, I bought Grace after reading TM and played it to death! Love that disk. Went back and bought the special edition with the videos dvd and alt-takes disk which features the 'authorized' version of "Forget Her". Truly an album of the decade.
Yeah, sometimes LOUD is the best! Big Grin
Working in a HS where not every kid is obsessed with Rap and other poor excuses for "music" (sorry for the editorial) I have recently discovered Foster the People and Young The Giant. Both are fun and original and there is certainly more to each album than the songs you may have heard on the radio, Pumped up Kick by Foster and My Body by Young. Certainly worth a listen. The little one like My Body and I could not be more happy as its WAY better than the usual baby go to sleep music I get to hear. She is also liking the new Muppet Green album. She likes dancing to several of the songs and has me a bit panicked about dance recitals in my near future. Would much rather go to hockey games Smile
Perhaps a soft, cuddly, stuffed hockey stick to snuggle with? Ya' know - just to get the wheels in motion?
I'd rather snuggle with Cujo myself, but thats just me.
So in the truck on our way home today from my In-laws in upper WISC we had Shinedown playing in the CD player. I didn't have the IPOD cord packed so it was a CD listening trip.
2Beers, I have 2 CD wallets in my car; one exclusively for the Boys (I had so much to catch up on) and one for all the other stuff. I'm fond of making mixes especially for certain moods. It's a good thing I have all these CDs because I can't plug my MP3 player into the car stereo.

BTW, Counselor... I have seen Foster The People on about 6 different shows and I've really grown to like them. I think I will break down and get their CD.
Mr. 2Beers says: We have several discs of a certain Canadian folk band we love but we also have a lot of other stuff as well. From Mozart to Metallica to Enigma to our daughters band disc from a european trip she took a few years ago. Love variety
Jethro Tull's most excellent 2002 cd, The Christmas Album. I am enjoying the instrumentals immensely. Makes me think of snow. Sorely lacking in the white stuff right now. The only storm we've had so far was on Halloween (14+ inches) and they had to cancel trick or treat! Well...delayed a week, but still. The horror!
Just found this on the Foster the People website as I was looking for shows in my area. We might all have new reason to support them...

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