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Full Version: Wedding Cake Money Saving Trick
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Nothing too special just a dark chocolate brownie with chunks of chocolate and then with a milk chocolate frosting. Oh, my Best Friend's Hubby has a serious sweet tooth. He said though that the homemade "shine" his cousin brought up from Tenn. went well as a nice accent. I don't know I didn't try it as after 2 shots he was a bit,well... toasted.
I've heard of people doing this another way, for those who want the traditional cake cutting. Have dummy tiers (that's what those fake layers are called) for as many layers as you want. Pick one or more layers to be the real thing. I have to say though, I don't know that this would save a ton of money, as most places charge more for the decorations than the actual cake.
(11-30-2010 01:51 AM)nikkiatlasvegas Wrote: [ -> ]Wedding Cake, Venue, Ring, etc. everything is special always. So during this time no one can be money oriented.

what about a caveman?
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