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Full Version: Cooking (and cleaning) as an act of love
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Years ago, a friend told me he was getting married because he was tired of having trouble with women...

Is your friend's name Pee Wee Herman?
After 20 years being married someone once asked if I might "trade in for a newer model..." My response is basically "why start a new argument when this one's going just fine?"
So I believe the challenge at the heart of the matter is to keep giving and let forgiveness reign in spite of setbacks and failures.

Shop, cook, clean and fix things!
Wow, was that too deep?

Anyhow...it doesn't come easy for me, though i have never cleaned a sink and loaded and unloaded a dishwasher as often as I do now. Seems like twice a day a lot. ...not sure how much it's appreciated, but I'll give anyway. It's almost a habit-cleaning in the kitchen....but it's not always easy. I've been cooking less but providing the wine, bread, cheese, and sottaceti. I'm really into cooking for the Christmas season.

How's everyone else doing with this?
Must google "sottaceti"!
Cujo lives for Christmas decoration. Seriously. My attic? pfffft... my attic - my arse... it's HER attic! FULL OF CHRISTMAS CRAP!!!
I'll take some shots after she's finished slathering the house with yuletide "cheer"... it's nice - once.... it's... DONE!
I've seen third world countries overthrown faster and more efficiently.
<grumble-grumble, spit-hiss...)
I believe it was Mark Twain that said, "It is better to not cook the meal and hense clean the dishes, than to actually sit at a table and pretend to enjoy that which was created with cheese and noodle." Yeah! Though I say, cheese and noodle is not to be shunned. Verily cheese and noodle is god given.
Who is John Galt?
Mmmmmm...cheese and noodles.
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