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Full Version: Brutus? Are you there?
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Brute'? Es vos illic?

Where are you mon ami? Watching from the cheap seats?
I think at last check he might be riding somewhere in the foothills of Pennsylvania....I think!
Nope...just getting ready to fly to Brazil on Tuesday. Gotta go check out the lay o' the land for a few weeks. Make sure the table is set for a friend when he arrives next month. Hey...tough job but someone's........

But seriously, I've been a tad preoccupied but I keep abreast of events unfolding here at the friendly forum. I'll be staying at internet accessable places while I'm down there and will keep you posted to all adventures culinary, libational and otherwise.
*Wondering if Boomer and I snatch Brutus and hold him for ransom ... naaa
- it'd never work.
Need a pair of body guards Brute'? I believe myself and Boomer would be outstanding in that capacity. (and I can order us local drinks in Portuguese!)
I couldn't hold Brutus up for ransom. It would never work. Besides, Brutus is such a happy lad!

Ohhhh drinks in Portugese - that sounds DIVINE!

Be safe down there Brutus! Enjoy the trip, and make sure to take care of our "little Bubba".
Little b is in good hands....I'm the designated road-proofer. It's my job to fall down all the roads first. Plus I'm going to be wearing my lucky Hockey Night in Canada Jersey. It's bullet proof! Now you'll have to excuse me. I've got to pick out a suitable "fio dental" for Copacabana. I'm thinking a Canadian flag motif. Suggestions?
alternative Police uniform? High boots, high stockings, gold Billy club and a fat patty wagon?
Does that come in a thong? Just trying to blend in. Pretty smart of me, right?
Indeed! With leather hipsters and blue flipflops perhaps.

And they would match my eyes! You don't think the chaps would be too much? Oh well, it is Ipanema Beach and I've heard anything goes there. In the words of Antonio Carlos Jobim, "And when I passes, each one I passes goes ahhhh."
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