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Full Version: You KNOW that Bubba's on here...
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Come on! Are you kidding? Of course he is. He pays attention to detail. It's his nature. This is his creation. I'm certain he's looking it over. It's funny. can I confess? I think he's blogging under another alias. Master of disguise! I'll bet his log in is something subtle like "PrattDrummer2112" or "BubbaChef."
...or I suspect it appears that he's female in his profile with a girlie avatar to throw off his scent. Of course I say this with all respect as a friend who understands the gig. Did we forget whose trip we're on?
I'd be willing to bet he's a lurking in here somewhere, but I'd like to think every time he needs a good chuckle all he has to do is log in and check around. I ain't the smartest egg in the carton, but I figure if he gets one good laugh out of some of the stuff flying around in THIS forum, we are doing our job as well as he is doing his.

I'm not even sure I want to know his screen name - kinda makes it more interestin that way, don't you think???
Yea, I suppose we all wonder if he cruises by from time to time. I know I do, but I really doubt he'd actually actively participate. I imagine his writing style would stand out pretty well amongst the Neanderthals of the English language like myself.
"Only The Shadow knows"
Soo bout them Yankees?
METHINKS ME SMELL A BUBBA somewhere.....Cool
Be vewy, vewy quiet...........
"I'm hunting Bubbas...?"

[Image: orlyfuddvh5.th.jpg]

[Image: killerwabbitgi8.th.jpg]

[Image: badjujuglass001py4.th.jpg]
1. Now that's exactly why "we" freak him out. It would only be funny if he did that, right Neil?


2.The Yankees are great from what I hear.

3. I wouldn't say "lurking." More like reading and thinking...

4. Probably wouldn't write in his style; a good writer can transform to any writing style or syntactical patterns, good or bad...or I should say proper or vernacular.

5. What the hell do I know anyway?
Wheres FOGHORN LEGHORN when ya need him!!!!
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