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Full Version: Had my first "Measure of the Macallan" last night
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It was the 15 year old variety.

I hardly ever drink Scotch, but wouldn't pass up the opportunity in my little Burg of 5,000 peeps.

What a complex flavor! It leaves a sweet taste on your pallet.

Ahhhh, the simple pleasures in life.
Well, if they have the 15 yr old vintage I MUST try it!

I have my own likes on scotch. I am trying out a couple different single malts at a time to try to see which ones I like. About 30 yrs ago - in my navy days, we visited Scotland several times and I would always send home some Glenfiddich or Glenlivet, but when I tried it myself, it tasted like gasoline. Now I try it, and either my pallet has worn out, or, as my wife says, my tongue is too pickled to know the difference!

Here is a question though. About 3 years ago a business associate of mine got me a bottle of Balvenie single malt 15 yr old. I am not a big scotch drinker, but this was a truly gracious gift (rather spendy if you ask me) but rather than break it open, I saved it and saved it for a rainy day, which turns out was last night. Question is, if you buy a bottle of 15 yr old single malt, and leave it in the liquor cabinet for three years, does it not then become 18 year old scotch?

BTW - I had about 3 "wee drams" of it last night. Now I know why happy Scotsmen have rosy cheeks!

I believe they mean the amount of time in the cask(s).

The Macallan, if I understood correctly, goes through a 3 cask process.

Now I'm not a big Scotch fan myself and can put up with Glenlevit, but I can tell you one thing. Once you try The Macallan, you'll never drink another. I believe it was $60 for a bottle of the 15 year. I didn't ask, I just drank.Big Grin
Don't ask.......just enjoy and savor!

I was trying to be funny about the age limit. My wife thought that if it aged another three years on the shelf it was instant 18 yr old single malt. Having been to several scotch distilleries in Scotland, there is a finer method of making single malt, than say....Jim Beam rotgut?

But $60 is a bit cheaper than Balvenie, which, as I recall last time I checked, was closer to $80 for the 15 year. Still awful good and very good clean color to it. I'll have to price the 15 yr Macallan-Sounds yummy!
Never could "acquire" the scotch bug... however, a buddy forced me to sample something that he returned from Glen sumpin' when he was there working on a downed aircraft. It was in a clear bottle - fat bottom <snicker> and tasted NOTHING like any scotch I had ever tried to fool my taste buds into liking. No nasty aftertaste - no eye-squeezing bite... just mellow and smooth.
(09-27-2010 03:53 PM)Mufasa Wrote: [ -> ]It was in a clear bottle - fat bottom <snicker> and tasted NOTHING like any scotch I had ever tried to fool my taste buds into liking.
Just curious...

Did the bottle look like this?

[Image: 1.jpg]
I think I recognize that bottle. I think.

Isn't that Culloden? Had to look it up to remember, maybe not though. I thought that was a blended whisky? The picture tells me its got to be blended since the top does not appear to be cork wood type used on some of the finer single malts. But I could be wrong.....whats old honda doing with two dead sailors anyways?

There are only a few with the bottle shape Mufasa describes. I never thought I could "acquire" the taste, but this bottle of Balvenie might have me hooked! And here I was trying to stay dry......
Boomer - have a gander at "Hey Bubba"! in Delving into distilleries thread. You might be interested.
I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of ambrosia that would be. Heck - even Ol' Bubba would have to remortgage his house but for a mere bottle of that stuff!
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