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Full Version: Hey Bubba! They found Shackletons cache!
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How many of us whiskey heads are salivating like madmen over the thought of just a weeeee dram of that vintage?
Its a lovely thought is it not.
I'm curious to see if it makes any difference at all. Once any distilled booze leaves the vat and gets bottled (in glass) everything stops. Unlike wine, where you can taste a difference year after year after year, a distilled product doesn't "age" once in the bottle. But these salvers (is that a word?) have gold in there hands. Good for them! Cast aside dubloons, ducats and dastardly pirates, there is gold in these bottles matey! I think the price will be set simply by its rareity. That's a good thing but it makes you wonder who'll get the pleasure. Knowing that Britain has its share of villains, I'm hoping that a similar character out of, "The Cook, The Thief, The Wife and Her Lover", will conduct the tasting...then again, I've never been invited to this sort of table....Gotta cost almost the same as a seat in a rocket into space I'm guessing...
For me it would be the sheer history of the find.
To be able to say that I drank a bit of Shackletons private stash..."Shackleton, you say? Who is that?"
Upon explaining to the historically challenged, you then add, "Ya - that's right... I did that."

I loves me some history.
Quote:Knowing that Britain has its share of villains


How dare you Sir! Her Britannic Majesty demands satisfaction......
You KNOW they're gonna sell it! Who buys it? Will it be auctioned? By the sip or by the bottle? I figure they'll auction off the bottles unless they get an offer for the whole stache. Then the collector will keep it or sell it off according to demand. I've heard of scalping...but never for Scotch. Be interesting to find out how they intend to auction it ...Anyone know who the distiller was?

Quote:Apparently the original Makinlays.....

Do you want me to `av a word an` make sure you get some and it does`nt go to no sl*gs.
Just heard that the sultan of Brunei as well as prince Abdullah are eyeballing the stash. (you see the irony in this, yes?)
Not trying to sound racist here, but I believe that first and foremost, the families of both Shackleton and members of his expedition should receive a portion of this treasure. That is the moral thing to do. There will be plenty left to "ho out" afterward.

I would save a few bottles for exhibit - for history. Would be a crime to see all of this wind up in one place. JMO...
Brutus, the afore mentioned movie I did see a few years ago and I don't think many people have seen it. We rented it from a small Mom & Pop video store because the title looked interesting. Needless to say so is the story line.
First off, any bottles that go to sale will most likely go to collectors or perhaps a museum piece. Any sap lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle like that probably isnt in it for the drinking but instead for the bragging. Like Muf - I'd be in it just for the rare antiquity that it is, because an ambrosia such as this is probably not worth one night of mere drinking pleasure. And - yeah - they will sell it. Most likely by the bottle, although if they did open one bottle and sell it by the dram those alone would be delicate treasures. I believe that it will be sold by the bottle though, as to fetch the heftiest price they can. I am guessing that collectors will snatch up most if they ever do go to auction. If nothing else for the conversation it would bring up than anything else. I did read on the UPI web site there are plans to return it to the Mackinlleys Distillery for testing and authentication. Since there are only 11 bottles, I am guessing the President of the distillery might get one, but hard telling from there.

But - if anyone would like to know what I'd like for my birthday........Big Grin
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