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Full Version: Birds and Butterflies
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I was out weeding my garden on Saturday, and saw a painted lady butterfly in my garden. I have bleeding heart bushes in there, but nothing else had bloomed. I'm sure it froze this week, when the temperatures returned to the freezing zone.
The hummingbirds have returned to our casa, too. The only problem is that Ren Man has to get the feeders down - I can't reach them!

I wonder if Bubba has the bird restaurant set up at his new digs yet? I tell ya, that guy sure knows how to take care of the winged friends Big Grin
Our Nyjer socks have been attracting gold finch. They are so beautiful! have been seeing several pair of cardinal, a blue jay now and again and a billion blackbirds, songbirds, and robins galore!

I saw a black swallowtail and several of the little white fellas. The bees are out as well.

Managed to get my first spots of poison ivy for the season but luckily I have that great prescription that the doc gave me last year. A little dab rubbed in and the PI is gone in a couple of days. Miraculous!
Got our first hummingbird of the year (that we've seen) tonight at one of our feeders.
We've had them out for about a month. We're ready for them this year...
I took a few pics today on our wetland jaunt...

[Image: 544686_364713443565593_100000808219598_9...7730_n.jpg]
Barn Swallow

[Image: 540433_364713900232214_100000808219598_9...5215_n.jpg]
A Wren, I think....?

[Image: 544723_364714126898858_100000808219598_9...1196_n.jpg]
And another Barn Swallow. This little guy let me get quite close.... so cute!
Nice pics and nice blue sky...
I love the photo of the Barn Swallow, S.M. You should submit it to the magazine Birds and Blooms. Thanks for the show and tell Smile
Thanks Big Grin

Magazine? Huh

It's a magazine that is printed here in WI.
Beautiful SM! You're like a pro-bird-photographer.
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