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Full Version: Birds and Butterflies
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Ok so I'm not sure what my Dad used probably was BBs, but ugh finding one that was missed in the cleaning not so much fun.
I guess some folks have knawed into a slice of wild meat and knashed their teeth on shot a time or two, but after the a$$ chewing my dad got when he didnt clean ONE BIRD right, I figure take the extra time so that you dont end up in the doghouse like me pappy!
My Dad would shoot them, pluck or skin animal and my mom would cut and cook it. One winter my Dad had a few rabbits and after he skinned them it was up to me to pick off the fur bits ,rinse them and find the BBs in the meat. I had a hard time as the bodies were still warm and bleh!!!! I still get the creeps. Hubby has dropped deer and I wait for him to bring in the cut up meat I can't help or watch the skinning or carving. However both the girls are troopers and have always been his helpers and have enjoyed the work.
I like to look at them. Squirrels and dear, that is... I have to say I really like deer meat, especially prepared French. French wild game is my favorite. Medallions of this and fillet of that in a raspberry reduction with walnuts baked brie and a glass of Bordeaux...something along those lines...

So the robins have abeen here a couple of weeks. The birds are in full spring frenzy making nests and being birds. Saw the first mosquito last night. The just LOVE me. Landscaper comes to do the clean-up. I don't feel like it. I think I'll plant something though.
Lot's of butterflies doing their thing.

I've been working hard in the garden as evidenced by my sore back! How is everyone's garden looking now?
This morning over my coffee I saw a bird with a bright yellow belly, light brown on top. ..I'm not sure what it is...I'll have to check online. The woodpecker was pecking as ususal. For some reason he likes aluminum gutters-perhaps sharpening his beak?
I happened to catch this at lunch one day a month or so ago - was at a restaurant that is adjacent to a shopping center, which has a fenced containment pond directly across. When I walked out, I immediately noticed the hawk perched on a shopping cart; had some debate with friends about whether it's a red-tailed or red-shouldered, but we decided it's closer to the typical variation of a red-tailed for this area (FL panhandle; they look a bit different here than they do in TX for example) than the red-shouldered.


What floored me wasn't so much that it was there - it was how many people drove or walked past without even seeing it. How do you not notice a large hawk perched on a shopping cart, especially when driving by and it's nearly right at eye level? Granted, hawks aren't a terribly uncommon sight, but not usually in the middle of a shopping-center/restaurant parking lot, even here.

The hawk was similarly unconcerned about the traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) passing within a few feet of its chosen perch; and it conveniently flew up to the fence and posed for a shot before I had to leave and get back to work.
There is a hawk that used to hang around in my yard, and one day he was perched on the bench swing under a tree behind my house. I decided to get a picture, and slowly started to approach him, to get a closer shot. He didn't seem too concerned with me at all. After I got the picture, I was curious how close I could get before he flew off, only to learn he wasn't going leave, no matter how close I approached. Ten feet was close enough for me, and then I became more concerned than him apparently, and he just watched me with cool, steady eyes. He never did fly away, until he was ready to, and it was me that left first. For some reason I felt I had lost some kind of contest.

Oh, and woodpeckers? For some reason they seem to really like my garage. Angry
How 'bout those hummingbirds? In this neck of the woods we only get the Ruby Throats. There's a mated pair visiting the feeder several times a day. Ever notice how their body's elongate when they accelerate - just like in the cartoons!
A few years ago (when our male dobe was a puppy), the red-tail hawk that is in our area dove down to go after what our 40 pound pup?! Well it came to a screeching halt in front of my husband and did a couple of somersaults, stood up stunned, then flew away.
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