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Full Version: Scotch Whisky Observations
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I don't know if anyone would even be interested in such a thread, but at least I could pass along notes of interest, maybe some tastings, a few recommendations, and other various notes on scotch whisky. I make no obvious professional claims in here beyond the fact that I am learning, and I am only giving my observations. You must be your own judge.

I own three bottles of scotch single malt:

Balvenie 15 year old Single Malt (Highlands)
Macallan 12 year Sherry Oak Single Malt (Highlands)
Ardbeg 10 year old Single Malt (Islay)

I have not yet opened the Ardbeg (just arrived yesterday) but will be trying this vintage tonight. I would love to hear any queries suggestions corrections you may have, but I am finding that its not just drinking scotch, but tasting new vintages with friends, family, and even just those who enjoy a wee dram or two is a lot of fun and maybe even serves to relax the senses after a hard week in the salt mines.
Good idea, Boomer. My current stash of the elixer includes:
  • The Macallan 12-year-old
  • Dalwhinnie 15-year-old
  • Glenlivet 12-year-old
  • Glenfiddich 12-year-old
The Dalwhinnie only has maybe 1 shot in it, Glenlivet maybe 2 shots, The Macallan is half-full (or half-empty, depending on how you look at these sorts of things) and the Glenfiddich has yet to be opened.

My preference of the three that I have opened, from most preferable to least preferable is:
  1. The Macallan
  2. Dalwhinnie
  3. Glenlivet
Like you, Boomer, I'm no connoisseur of these sorts of things, but I guess it's like prognosticating about artwork: I don't know anything about it, but I know what I like.

Methinks that I should host a scotch-tasting party soon. Damn, the more I think about it the better the idea seems!

Who's in?
Well, I think you can include ME in your little adventure, since I started this. I always look at a bottle half full. If theres still some inside, then its half full. Once the bottle is gone - toss it. Serves you no good to think about a half EMPTY anyways.

Glenfiddich. Funny story about that one. I was 19 years old serving in Scotland, and everyone kept telling me to take some scotch home, so I picked out a whole CASE of Glenfiddich 12 yr old stuff. When I got home I opened the case, brought out my first bottle thinking we were going to have one heck of a party. Stuff tasted like gasoline. In my defense - I was 19, and no 19 year old KID has a palatte capable of exploring such pleasures of life. So - I made really good friends with all my best buddies in the barracks, and supplied each one bottle. I have no clue what I was thinking.

I DID discover a web site that might be interesting to try: http://www.masterofmalt.com/drinks-by-the-dram/

A couple of coworkers and I are thinking about going in on an order together to save on shipping. Not sure whether its worth all that trouble, but you could get into a couple different samples you may not be able to try here in the states. But - I think my next bottle will be Laphroaig. I have done some reading on that particular brand, and it seems to be well received. As with you, I know what I like, but I am not afraid to try new vintages, especially when there is no real drawback to it.
Ardbeg - tried it last night. This is the 10 year old single malt Islay. The distillery is very unique. Rests right on one of the coastlines of the western Scottish Isles.

This is a very strong and fragrant malt. Very peaty, and tingles the palatte a bit. The taste is mostly the peaty taste you get, but there is a hint of the oak cask. It is quite different in taste and fragrance for sure. Not sure I would entertain someone with this, but it would be a great taster. Very relaxing does not have a particularly strong sensation on taste, but the flavor is pungent and warming. A fine whiskey if you like the Islays, or the peaty flavors in a scotch.
I can see that you scotch monkeys are going to force me to try my (buds?) at this ...
To me its more of an after dinner requirement (after a good hearty meal). I havent tried any new malts yet, but intend to try a blended along with a Speyside during the holiday. It also serves well after a long day on the back of the bike, as both Brutus and Bubba can attest I am sure.
Ok - so I am gallivanting (look it up) about Oz today, taking care of bidness, and I notice a local purveyor of spirit-based substances. I am in a "upper crust" section of Oz... and I am not familiar with this purveyor, so I stop in.
After a bit of perusing, the proprietor of this spirit purveyorage ( I assume), wanders over to the "All Things Scotch" section, and gives me the high brow.
I return the high brow with my, "you don't know who you're looking at - do you", casual glare. (maybe it was my Ram in the parking lot that pissed him off?)

"Can I help you locate something?" he asks.
"You bet - I was contemplating trying scotch again. Never had much of a taste for it, but I have... "friends" (snicker) that are rather fond of a particular pedigree."
(Now normally - I don't address people in this manor - but I was feeling froggy now - and this guy was no blue blood - and I'm really good at this sort of instant summation stuff).

"Macallan, twelve year old single malt?"
"Right over here."
750 ML / $49.00
and right next to it: 18 year old 750 ML / $129.00.
"Can you tell me if you offer or know of any whiskey tasting events in Wichita, or if you offer tastings on occasion?"
Not no sir, I don't know of any"... or "Not right off hand.... let me check." Just... "No."
So I switch gears... never a good thing when I am gearing "up".
"It's tough to justify spending fifty on a bottle of something that I am not even sure if I will like."
No reaction.
So - I wander back over to the rum section (you're shocked... I know)
Appleton Estate VX / 750ML / $25.00
"Is this the best you can do on the VX?" (knowing that back in my hood I can get it for about $17)
He looks me right in the eye and says: "This is not Ebay."
I put the VX down, and look him right in his beady little eyes, and say: "You know what else it isn't? Anywhere that I will suggest for our wine club to frequent. You have yourself a hell of a day, sport... mmm-k?"
Mufasa - 1 / Smart a*s spirit purveyor - O
Good thing my ax is being sharpened....
You guys and your Dodges.....that was the first mistake

"....but I have friends (snicker)..." - now whats up wit DAT bruddah?

Just "No".....well, thats two strikes.

Appleton Estate - $25. Ouch. Here its $17. Plus tax.
Macallan 12 yr Single Malt here $56......I sense a trading perschmaps?????


How old was this....um....lascivious cretin? And why is he still using MY AIR?

What I have been looking for is a "samplerpack" of The Balvenie. At one time our local spiritor had that sampler pack, but they sold out way before I got there and they have not been able to grab them since. I want to try the 17 year so bad! Another one on my "to drinketh" list is LaPhroiag. I have read so much about it, but every time I find it I am either outta cash or they are sold out.

You sharpen your axe.....II got one a grindin in the corner.
Boomer - That shot I sent you... oddly enough, they had that lonely little bottle of 10 year old Mac... and LOADS of other brands.
Like I said - I have looked EVERYWHERE for that 10 year stuff. Found the 12 yr, 18 yr, and even a 30 yr, but not a 10. I have looked in about every spirits store we have in THIS county, maybe I ought to try another place?

I did try a few "wee" (pfffft!) drams of the Balvenie 12 year stuff. I'll have to post a little note about it later. Also tried a Glenfiddich 18 year dram, wasnt real crazy about it. So far my two favs are Macallan (about any year!) and The Balvenie 15 year. Unfortunately - I can't afford anything above an 18 year. Something about over her dead body??
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