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Full Version: Need some Swaggabomb
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All of my SwaggabooBarbies and Swaggacaine looking family and friends are boasting
their new swaggerbomb Bubba's bar&grill stuff and laughing at me. Even Ma-ma! I can't help that they aren't the wholelotta man that I am. Wimps!
Anyway, all that to say, We need 3x sweatshirts and gear please.

I absolutely love the gear and look forward to getting into more and more.
But until I figure out how to put on this corset, please make bigger swagCool
Need a "one size fits moose"?
I email Showtech a few weeks back regarding merchandise, sizes, etc. This was the response I received.

Thanks for your email.

All our stock is currently being reviewed. Many of the older shirts may be
re-printed, but those that are, probably won't be available until the end of the

Thanks and have a nice day.

Customer Service Team
Showtech Merchandising Inc.

I guess I will have to wait Sad
One size fits Mr. Moose! I like it.
I need some swag. I'm in the mood for a lil swaggabomb.
Still nothing new in the Bubba swag department. Sad
Wish they would bring those ded gum hockey jerseys back!
Mr.2Beers also hope they'd come back with jersey's.
Yes! A nice 2x Hockey Jersey (black please) would be fitting.

Now we are just being a painWink

None of us are a pain!..........are we?

You have very reasonable requests............for happenin' threads (and no, I don't teach my kids that it's ok to replace letters with apostrophes anytime they feel like it, lol)
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