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Full Version: Worse than Robitussin DM?
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Is there anything more horrific???
Can you believe that kids are buying this stuff and trying to get high from it?
Good Lord Nettie... And I thought huffing gold paint was absurd.
What happened to Boones Farm!!!??
You would be amazed at what kids are using to get high. Over the counter drugs are the tip of the iceberg.
Honestly, I would kill for a little Robitussin these days. I am in the death throes of a cold that began weeks ago and is FINALLY clearing up. In the midst, there was a Zpack for the sinus/respiratory infection, too. Now it's finally moseying along (taking it's sweet time) and just keep ending up with the one good sneeze a day or one side of the nose blocked (left, right now). But my significant whatever works third shift, and I can't take any meds to just pass out really good for a few nights (hence, the 4am writing on this page) cause I am alone with the kiddo at night. Darned responsibilities.
Nice to see I am held in such 'high' regard? I mean...really....whats wrong with that second shot of Jaeger? Thats just gettin' started eh?
You missed a category: My mother's overboiled brussel sprouts. Small green spheres of vile poison.

Makes me gag just thinking of them.
ICKY! Brussell sprouts. ACCKKKKKK gaff just the thought makes me wanna upchuck! YUKKAHHHH!!!
I said years ago that the only thing those repulsive little balls of bitterness were good for was sling shot ammo.
This is my way of saying - test me!
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