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Full Version: Best tea?
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I thought I would start a tea thread, since I don't drink coffee. People at work think I am crazy that I work midnights and never touch the stuff. Anywho...I love tea. My favorites are all loose tea, however I do use the bags at work for convenience. I drink my tea strong...some people ask me if is coffee Confused I have a whole cupboard full at home with jasmine pearls, gunpowder green, Darjeeling, earl grey, monk's blend (two different kinds from different distributors) and many more.
Gee, I'm just a Celestial Seasonings girl myself, and only in the evening (Mandarin Orange Spice)
Mmmmm I'll drink tea just as much as coffee and like all types. When we were 1st married and my Hubby was in the Air Force he would go TDY(traveling at Uncle Sam's request) and most often go to England. He'd always try to bring me back something and my favorite was the loose teas in the cans. That was in the mid "80's when Lipton ruled the store shelves.
I recently went back to drinking tea, after staying away for years.
My favorite is Biegelow Green tea with lemon. It's so sweet that it doesn't need any sugar. Great for us who are trying to lose a few pounds.
My favorite teas are all over the spectrum. Here are some of my favorites:

Moroccan Mint - Stash Teas
Double Spice Chai - Stash Teas
Cinammon Cardimon - Republic of Teas
Marsala Chai - Zhi Teas
Chai Spice - Adagio Teas
Zen - Tazo

I normally like to have at least one cup of Dbl Chai and one Moroccan Mint at work. Those teas along with the Zen tea I can get at Target, but the other full leaf teas such as the Cinammon Cardibon I have to order on line. There are other blends such as "Comfort and Joy" which is a spicy holiday tea for Christmas from Republic of Teas, and a couple other lesser known green full leaf brans which I steep with mint leaves are really tasty as well. For summer I love to set out gallon of green mint tea in the mornings and then put in some extra mint leaves and a bit of lime zest for flavor. Makes a really nice summer glass of tea especially when washing and waxing the Harley. after I quit drinking beer - it was easy to switch to tea to compensate.

I am still experimenting with teas. Not really an "Earl Grey" guy, but I do enjoy tea in place of the beer I used to drink (I can't even look at a Budweiser anymore!).
I've been drinking Stash English Breakfast tea. Now that is really good tea!
Can't stand coffee, love me some tea. Usually just a nice cup of Lipton and about 1/4 cup of sugar to garnish.
A few of the teas I like to have are Twinings' Lady Grey and Tazo's Passion.
I don't drink tea but at my last job I worked with this guy. Shashank Goel, who is now Chairman of The Tea Association of the USA Inc.

He owns his family's Tea farm in the Himalayas.
Here is an interview with him.

Check out some of the pictures of his farm. (Beautiful)
Think I will be placing another tea order in the next day or two. My order from December is almost gone. I might try a different chai this time, and maybe another green tea.
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