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Owie!! Take care of that thumb, GW!
(02-24-2012 02:39 PM)knitterbookbinder Wrote: [ -> ]:-) I'll review yours if you check out my photos and installation stuff at Pages Books in Kensington!

Hey kb,

Sounds good.....send along a link. I'm a big fan of the book & paper arts....
Here are the installation photos....

Nice! [Image: happy0030.gif]
Here are the installation photos....

kb, you do some really wonderful work! I really enjoy environmental art - and I imagine that was a perfect venue for that sort of work.

I especially liked that "green" picture : )
Ah, thanks very much.

My personal favourite is the one with my photograph (of the tree sweater) on the left and, if you look closely, the cover of Bubba's "Far and Away" on the right, with one of Andrew's photos. :-) No, I didn't arrange the books so that would happen, but I considered it a happy coincidence when I went to take the installation shots.
I really dig the pine cone warmers. Nice knit!Tongue
(02-27-2012 03:51 PM)VincentUlyssis Wrote: [ -> ]I really dig the pine cone warmers. Nice knit!Tongue

:-) I've got close to forty of them, which have made appearances in a number of installations. Started doing them almost as a joke, but they've really become quite popular.
Over this past weekend myself and my 2 Girls went with my MIL to a Mother/Daughter banquet her ladies' group was hosting. She asked me if I would put up a display area of some of the tatting work I have done. I work with long needles to tat, not the the usual way with shuttles.

I shared a table with another lady who at the young age of 85 had work from her and from her mother. Her mother had passed away last fall at the age of 105. We had interesting conversations and it was quite nice to talk to someone about patterns and threads.
Beautiful work 2B!!!! Its a bit of a lost art so Im glad to see there are people out there still creating those things.
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