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What an Eastery looking Cake Nettie . Enjoy!
Nettie... that looks so nice!
(04-23-2011 11:09 PM)Scythe Matters Wrote: [ -> ]Oh that is SO cute!! Did you use a star tip to do that? What flavor is the cake? I'd almost hate to cut into it.... almost Wink

I used a large star tip for the white frosting, and a flower petal tip for the ears.
The cake is a sponge cake, and I used organic sugar, and whole wheat flour, which gives the cake more of a caramal flavor than regular sugar.

Unfortunately, the frosting is modified buttercream(vegetable shortening, water instead of milk), and the kitchen was warm, so it was starting to melt the frosting. I had to toss it in the fridge for the night.


A special occasion cake !
If I wasn't so stuffed, I'd eat that little bunny up!
All that's left is the ears!
Mmmmm... bunny ears.... Wink


(04-24-2011 08:16 PM)nettiesaur Wrote: [ -> ]All that's left is the ears!

Big Bunny Ears !Tongue
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What does SPAM stand for?
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