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Great job, Gunga! When are you opening your B & B? Tongue
Very nice!! How much do you charge? Wink
Thanks, all! We don't charge a thing! Anytime any of you are in the mountains of AZ, there are 2 spare bedrooms--no waiting Big Grin
Ya know, I was just saying to CD last night that it's so incredibly cool to have friends all over the place. To think that we will happily open our doors - BTW, I'm near Seattle, so if you head this way there's a comfy bed and good company waiting - to people with whom we have only a passing acquaintance with is so amazing.

When we traveled to the UK/Ireland we were welcomed by a couple in Galway who I only "knew" through our membership on the Genesis Forum. They opened their home to us, fed us (drank Ren Man under the table) and helped us get on our way again. The previous week, another Genesis friend had taken us on a tour of Surrey. We met up with another friend in Belfast (from the Stephen King MB), who took us on a tour and to a lovely old castle. We met yet another couple (Genesis Forum) in Norwich and they took us out to dinner and for a stroll on the boardwalk. Of course we would have had a great time if we hadn't met up with these wonderful people but our visit was enhanced so very much by their generosity and their eagerness to share their country with us. If I can pay that forward, I am more than happy to do so. Smile
Sorry for delayed reply, but thanks everyone for the kind words from the other day!
(02-16-2012 09:39 AM)osage59 Wrote: [ -> ]If there's anyone in Calgary I just learned that one of my prints (the three-eyed frog!) is part of the Un-Natural Disasters exhibit on display at the Sugar Cube Gallery:


Check it out : )

Yes, I'm in Calgary too! Hoping to get down there after I finish writing a grant application due next Thursday: friend of mine is the curator of that show. :-)

(Small universe!)
Hey knitter,

That's awesome! All of us back here would love to get your review of the show....let me know.
Keep an eye out (pardon the pun) for that three eyed frog! :.)
:-) I'll review yours if you check out my photos and installation stuff at Pages Books in Kensington!
(02-22-2012 10:00 AM)Gungawoman Wrote: [ -> ]I wish I had "before" pics, because the rooms were sooo ugly! The pale green room was foot-wide Navy blue and burgundy stripes. The tan room was pink and lavender foot-wide stripes. Egads!
[Image: 6920677339_cb48c6958c_t.jpg]
ebayfab 017 by Gungawoman, on Flickr
[Image: 6920680611_b785975bf2_t.jpg]
ebayfab 018 by Gungawoman, on Flickr
Pics of my Grandparents on the wall and the keys I found in my Grandma's basement in Oregon...
[Image: 6920683471_96689255f1_t.jpg]
bedroom redo 001 by Gungawoman, on Flickr
[Image: 6774570570_06191408e7_t.jpg]
bedroom redo 002 by Gungawoman, on Flickr
[Image: 6920689117_8c4c63f6c6_t.jpg]
bedroom redo 003 by Gungawoman, on Flickr
The spurs on the wall were my Grandfather's. The other antiques I've had for decades.

You've created a warm sanctuary for you and your family. Painting and redecorating can be physically and emotionally draining to say the least. It's great that you can now sit back and enjoy it. Inspiring to me.
Not creating anything today....
My Dad taught me how to use a hammer 50 some years ago. Yesterday, while doing some leather work, I actually HAMMERED MY THUMB for the 1st (and hopefully last) time ever. I was going to post a pic, but didn't want to gross anyone out. It STILL hurts! Confused
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