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Full Version: What a weekend!
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I'm still here. You?
How about them tornadoes in Missouri last night!! Tore through an entire town...even the hospital. My thoughts go out to everyone involved.
There were tornadoes all over, but those in Joplin - those must have just missed Ol' Mufasa!

Thoughts to those in Joplin at my house too!
I saw those pictures this morning..............it just hurts my heart to see that kind of devastation.
Yes, I saw the news reports this morning, a terrible tragedy for those affected, unfortunately Mother Nature can sometimes be so cruel. One admirable thing, they were interviewing the Fire Chief this morning, he was in uniform, out working and trying to help people, even though his very own house had been completely destroyed by the storm. There is a hero for you, although I'm sure he will say he is just doing his job.
What the twister did to Joplin is simply unreal. It is horrifying, and at the same time fascinating to know that there is such a thing on Earth that has that much elemental power - and can cause that much damage.
I'll be there on the 9th of June through the weekend.
Quite the weekend... but everyone in our house is still around, so uhmm yeah - just saying Wink ... and agreed #5 - Mother Nature can be so so cruel and it seems this spring she is in a particularly foul mood regarding twisters. It seems just about every week, we are seeing this type of hardcore destruction. Now i wonder what the hurricane season will bring... hope everyone and their families are all well from this weekends storms and the past month or so of twisters and floods! Stay safe, be well!!
I had to check with quite a few people today, some in Minneapolis, some in Missouri, so far, all are o.k.
Thoughts going out to those who are affected.
Couple years ago a little town northwest of here got whalloped with an EF5 Finger of God storm. Parkersburg, and I had been riding in that area on my Harley about two hours before.

I just cannot imagine the size of that storm!
My thoughts go out the the folks affected by the twister... devastating to say the least. Hope things get healed really soon.
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