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Full Version: If you had $50 bucks...???
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I was recently given a $50 Wine.com gift card for my 40th Birthday. Really excited to splurge a bit on something I wouldn't normally buy, but really could use some suggestions. We drink a lot of Red Zin, Shiraz, Cab-blends...usually in the $10-15 range per bottle.

So, I pose the question to my fellow BnB patrons...If you had $50 bucks to spend on a bottle of wine, what would you buy??
If you had asked about single malt scotch, I could fire away at that, but wine you could go ANY direction with. I'd pick a good Pinot Noir or Merlot and escape the rigors of everyday life in the hot tub with my Missus. Since I am favorable to Oregon wines we picked out a nice $40 bottle of Pinot for Thanksgiving, but can't remember the vineyard exactly. I'd have to double check with Mrs B, but I suggest think carefully. I picked up an $80 bottle of single malt several years ago for $45 using a gift certificate like that, and I still have a few drams left of that one.

If I can find it I'll be happy to forward the vino name to you.
If it was 50 quid, I would try for a Mouton Rothschild - although the last one I purchased back in `96 was about £70 - £100, but it was a stunning wine - and drank with bowed head on one knee...........Or maybe an Amarone Della Valpolicella - a BIG wine........
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