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Full Version: Point Prim Chowder House
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Last summer during a whirlwind tour of the Maritimes, I came across a tiny spot on PEI called Point Prim. Feeling a wee bit peckish at the time, I popped in to Tina's Tina's Country Cupboard & Chowder House Restaurant. Along with selling various Island bric-a-brac, they also serve up an exquisite clam chowder.

Maybe part of it was the scenery and part of it was the glorious weather and part of it was just the enlightened mood I was in, but I thought the chowder lunch (bowl of chowder, tea biscuit and soft drink, total about $9) was exquisite.

To get there, take Highway 1 on PEI until you reach Point Prim Road, head west and just follow it to the end. And be sure to have a look through the lighthouse as well.
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