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Full Version: Central Texas Eats
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My hometown is Clifton, Texas - in the hill country. It's also the Norwegian capitol of Texas. Yes, I'm Norwegian :-)

Clifton has a FANTASTIC BBQ restaurant - Bunk House BBQ. All meats are great, and so are the sides. It's owned by a family, and they put a lot of love into their bbq. Believe it or not, they have a great chef salad (that, of course, has their meats on it) and a great baked potato.

Customer service is great. You will be treated like an old friend.

Another GREAT place for a burger is Jim's. He is also a rider, so he's closed on the weekends, so he and his wife can ride their bikes through the beatiful hill country. Anyway, the decor is what I would call hole in the wall. Noting fancy. The food is SO good. One of the best burgers. He won an international pizza competition for his baked potato pizza. The super dog is also very good. So are the tacos and a really good chef salad. My husband always jokes that he's going to get a burger taco basket with tacos instead of fries. Again, customer service here is great.
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