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Full Version: Potato fritters
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I dont know what these are called in the neck of the wood you currently reside in, I've heard potato pancakes, potato fritters ...but nonetheless give 'em atry I love these.
10- good sized russet potatoes peeled and shredded (like hashbrowns)
1 large or 2 small onions peeled and shredded
4-5 heaping tbsp. flour
3 whole eggs
1 tsp salt
black pepper (to taste, i like a lot)
veg oil. (peanut works great due to its high flash point)
mix potatoes,onion,flour and egg in a large bowl, add salt and pepper
mix well(I use my freshly washed bare hands)
heat a large cast iron skillet w/ about 1in. of oil until 350-375 deg
(candy thermo. works well)
drop potato mix by large serving spoonfulls into hot oil and cook until alittle past golden brown
drain on cooling rack or paper towels serve w/ sour cream .
awesome w/ chicken fried steak or just eggs... enjoy all!!
Looks delicious, but I utterly fail in the potato pancake dept.

Every time I've ever tried to shred/grate potato for pancakes, rosti, or latkes, it always oxidizes and turns a disgusting shade of brown....totally ruining whatever dish I'm working on.

Anybody else encounter this problem? Anybody know the fix?

Work faster?
Grate the potato underwater?
Sacrifice a chicken and say 10 hail marys???
Grate the potatoes in some lemon juice water and then squeeze well before mixing in other goodies or frying.
Ha! You Rock!!!

Thx a bunch for the tip.Big Grin

Why the heck didn't I think of that?!
The alternative I learned was to have everything else mixed up and after grating each potato, toss it immediately into the other ingredients and mix well. If the potato strands are coated with almost anything else, they won't oxidize.
I normally just grate them onto paper towels and try to keep them dry until I mix everything.... seems to come out well. I agree, if ya let them turn color it's pretty ugly looking, but once they are cooked golden brown you can't see the funky color anymoreWink
KBB & Bear...Thx for the additional tips.

I think perhaps another problem was a direct result of laziness. Instead of hauling out the cuisinart for clean precise cuts, I'd just use the hand held cheese grater.

Thx again, and I'll report back on the next attempt...
....Maybe some more wonderful pictures to show us your progress.... Wink
You're far too kind. Pix of my last attempt would have gotten me perma-banned and thrown out of here forever.Big Grin
Nahh, we've all been there before. Smile
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