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Full Version: Martini variants / sides
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If martini's are for you, do you prefer them with olives? Cocktail onions? Neat? Or is there there a special addition or olive combination you'd like to share?

For me, I enjoy a blue cheese olive with a vodka martini.

Here's to the weekend!
Bombay Sapphire - loaded with a "Fat Stik" (large olives on a skewer)
Cocktail onions are always welcomed in my glass... after my first sip.

Something about that first clean sip of ice-cold Bombay.
After it, I will squeeze a lemon rind and toss it in, happily munching those little, nuclear-altered green bombs as I contemplate the political, moral and social ramifications of paintball on our society.

Vodka is a more broad range of tastes for me. Pretty much anything that costs more than $10-$15 per smallish bottle will suffice. There are lots of tasty vodkas out there.
Quote:vodka martini.

I always like ordering a vodka martini when I am in the US.......
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